Morrison Releases Open and Honest "Government" Proposals

On Tuesday, candidate for State Senate, Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield), released her initial proposals to clean up state government and create a more transparent Springfield.

DEERFIELD, IL – On Tuesday, candidate for State Senate, Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield), released her initial proposals to clean up state government and create a more transparent Springfield. 

“State government in Illinois has had a culture of backroom deals, secrecy, and cronyism.  Besides losing credibility with the taxpayers, it is also cost the state money.  As state senator, I will work across party lines to see that these wasteful practices stop.  Its time to institute real reforms that make our state government work for taxpayers again,” Morrison said. "Taxpayers want a more transparent Springfield.  Legislators need to be representing the interests of their district--not making sweetheart deals with future employers.” 

Julie Morrison is seeking to replace retiring state Senator Susan Garrett.  The 29th District will cover parts of Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Deerfield, Highland Park, Lake Forest, and Lake Bluff.  Morrison is the current West Deerfield Township Supervisor.

Morrison’s “Open and Honest Government” proposals include:

  • Instituting a one-year “cooling off period” in which former legislators cannot lobby state officials
  • Displaying committee votes on the Illinois General Assembly Website (ILGA.gov)
  • A ban on General Assembly members accepting payment for lobbying county and local governments
  • Extending the General Assembly’s per diem requirement to 3 p.m.

“We owe it to our communities and districts to give constituents all the tools they need to hold elected officials accountable,” Morrison asked.  “Voters and tax payers need to hold their elected officials accountable for how they vote in committee and what they do to earn a per diem.  These reforms are simple, direct, and will end business as usual in Springfield.”

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Roger Billings September 04, 2012 at 06:53 PM
Really, what do you expect from someone whose only "qualification" for the job is 14 years as West Deerfield Supervisor, a do-nothing job that shouldn't even exist. She has proved only that she is an expert in leaching from the taxpayers. Vote for her, and you'll get more of the same, only on a larger scale. Best we keep her where we can limit the damage she can do. She certainly is not going to go the Springfield and improve things.
Walter White September 04, 2012 at 07:20 PM
You know, I really don't care what somebody's background is. OK so she is a career politician. So what. Show me that you've learned something in those 14 years. Same thing with Friedman. Just because he's a doctor doesn't mean he can effectively navigate healthcare legislation. You gotta earn my vote, people. Tell me something other than what I read in the papers.
Guido McGinty September 04, 2012 at 07:26 PM
"Until you get rid of Madigan and Cullerton corruption will follow." Please allow me to fix that for you: "Until you get rid of democrats and republicans, corruption, theft, graft, payoffs and patronage will continue." The only honorable actions are to withhold sanction of these swine by abstaining from the ballot box or voting third party.
Walter White September 04, 2012 at 07:37 PM
Yeah, the thought that Democrats are the only ones that practice corruption is pretty laughable. Last I looked we have a governor from each party in the slammer. What we need is to NOT elect the same old candidates...blowhards with no substance behind their campaign rhetoric. Force these people to identify the problem and tell you THEIR plan for solving it. Anything less will just continue the same old, same old...regardless of what party is in power.
RationalTht September 05, 2012 at 03:52 PM
The reason you would vote for a republican is that if there are enough, MADIGAN will not be speaker. Even if "your" democrat is 'good' - that just leads to Madigan being in control, and we have seen his plans. How have things been for the past decade or so under democrat control?


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