Readers Talk Rosewood, Special Needs, Tiger Moms and Obamacare

Check out what Highland Park is talking about in this week's blog roundup.

There's been a lot going on in Highland Park Patch's Local Voices. Check out our weekly recap of the site's blogs (and if you're interested in blogging yourself, click here to start).

  • After where he discussed raising his 8-year-old with autism, two local mothers began blogging to fill the void. Amy Greenebaum introduced herself last week with a wonderful piece about her 20-year-old son with autism, and Ruth Narrod's  dissects the public reaction to the Tiger Mom and whether or not many mothers have more in common with Amy Chua than they care to admit.
  • Readers were the Park District of Highland Park's plans to build an interpretive center at . The Park District is seeking community feedback at its upcoming meetings. Check out the for more info.
  •  this week. Two rooms at have been outfitted with new technology and furniture with a goal "to get input from students and teachers on what type of equipment the District should start investing in."
  • Though did not win , it did get a  from new blogger Laura Bednarski. She also took some great photos of the gelato she sampled.
  • Last, Highland Park High School student , and what the court's decision will mean for the country and its political parties.

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