Downtown Northbrook Bridge Scheduled For 2015 Maintenance

Also featured: Public Works staff dismantle makeshift, forest shelter.

The following reports were provided by the Village of Northbrook.

Shermer Road Bridge in Downtown Northbrook

Downtown Northbrook's Shermer Rd. bridge is scheduled for a super structure replacement between 2015 and 2016. The structure was last replaced in 1979, inspected in 2012 and rated safe for vehicular traffic. 

This most recent inspection determined the existing super structure (such as the bridge deck) has an approximately ten-year service life, due to some corrosion of the steel reinforcement on the underside of the pre-cast concrete deck. No major work is needed to the abutments, which are in good condition.

Patch reported last week the bridge was last inspected in 2010, based on federal Transportation for America campaign

Public Works Dismantle Makeshift, Forest Shelter

Northbrook Public Works staff discovered a makeshift shelter south of the Park Drive entrance to the East Northbrook Bike Train. The shelter was dismantled last Wednesday and the materials disposed. The attached illustrates the shelter as it stood before removal.

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