Glenview To Pay Half Of Wil-Sher Plaza Rent Until New Bridge Is Complete

Three land parcels will get varied rates of rent support over the next 18 to 24 months, until a new Union Pacific bridge is built.

The Wil-Sher Shopping Plaza, the Mobile gas station and McGovern's Public House will have access to a $360,000 escrow account designed to offer rent support in the aftermath of last summer's fatal train derailment and bridge collapse that blocked Shermer Rd. traffic. 

According to Don Owen, Glenview deputy village manager, Wil-Sher businesses will see half their rent paid, along with 15 percent of the Mobile gas station's rent and 11 percent of McGovern's rent.

"We put [the funds] where we thought it was most necessary," Owen said. "[The businesses] will continue to be affected because it will take 18 to 24 months to complete the new bridge."

Owen said the village will also perform ongoing reviews of Mobile's financial records to determine whether rent support will remain necessary. The village will also perform regular status checks on the other businesses. 

Richard Nahrstadt, Northbrook village manager, said the village will not provide financial support to Northbrook businesses south of the derailment site, affected by the bridge collaps. However, he says completion of the Old Willow Rd. and Patriot Blvd. traffic signal later this week should ease the detour burden facing businesses south of the derailment site. 

"We have worked to secure access to that area from Patriot Blvd at Old Willow Road and are working to get additional directional signage for that access and the businesses," Richard Nahrstadt, Northbrook village manager wrote in an email. "We also will be using the Village Newsletter and other media sources to remind residents that those businesses are open and accessible via Patriot and Old Willow."

Northbrook has also has a detour map of the area and ongoing updates to the construction process on the Village website

It’s a good deal. Yeah, this will help out,” Dan Goodman, who owns Maria’s Pizza at the Wil-Sher Shopping Plaza told the Glenview Announcements. 

Read Patch's full coverage of the train derailment and bridge collapse here.

chris November 27, 2012 at 02:09 PM
The village is willing to help subsidize the rent for a handful of businesses there, including one with no frontage on Shermer that wasn't even open when the derailment occurred? But knowing that hundreds of families were being pushed out of their houses and being forced to live under deplorable conditions at Sunset Village didn't merit a dimes worth of help? I see racism is still alive and well in a supposedly (or at least self professed) liberal bastion like Glenview? There can be no other reason for the disparity in representation.
Malta November 27, 2012 at 02:28 PM
the railway accident was an Act of God due to extreme hot weather.....the people who overpaid of their own volition to move into sunset village?.....the idea of the government taking care of everything for everybody is over. the great society/food stamp/wic/link/unending unemployment benefit days are going over the 'fiscal cliff'........many commentators feel that 'obamacare' wont ever really get off the ground as was a fantasy to think could be paid for in the first place......20 states have opted out ...........federal govt doesnt even have the money to pretend any more....
NHL November 27, 2012 at 03:32 PM
shouldn't UP chip in for this???? after all, it was their track that failed (who signed-off on the track inspection??), their train that derailed and their bridge that collapsed that created this tragic mess....
chris November 27, 2012 at 04:16 PM
UP should chip in for all of it. And to Garretts point(s) I agree. But so long as the government is willing to throw money away, at least they should throw it towards the most effective causes. As for the impending doom Garrett predicts...I have the survival, weapons training necessary for the civil unrest that's about to occur, so I will be fine. You might ask yourselves what you will do when there's limited or no groceries, utilities or protective services available?
Billy November 27, 2012 at 06:28 PM
Lordy, two years to complete? That's insane. I'm sorry, I realize there are many logistics involved in this, but there's no reason anything such as a bridge this size should take two years to complete. The Empire State Building was built in a year in a half, for crying out loud, and that was over 80 years ago. I will also bet that it'll go over schedule and over budget.


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