Maple School Introduces New Foreign Language Teacher

Lucie Seyhun will teach French and Spanish to junior high students in Northbrook.

Lucie Seyhun will join the staff this year, teaching sixth, seventh and eigth grade French, along with sixth grade Spanish. She earned her Bachelor Degree in Political Science with a minor in Middle Eastern Languages from McGill University in Montreal, and a Master's Degree is World Languages Education with a concentration in French and Spanish from DePaul University.

As a student teacher, Seyhun taught French to freshmen at New Trier High School. She also taught French 1 through AP as a long-term substitute at Lake Forest High School. 

She is a native French speaker, born in Quebec. She also learned Spanish from her mother. She has lived in Canada, South Africa and Chicago. 

Patch: What inspired you to pursue teaching?

Lucie: I always had a passion for education since my mom and my grandma were both teachers, and my mom was actually a language teacher as well. I’ve always loved to learn other languages — I study Greek, Italian and Turkish, I want to become fluent in six languages. I want to show my love for learning languages to other people by teaching them the ones I’m already proficient in. 

Patch: What makes you different from other teachers?

Lucie: A lot of people do not have my background. A lot of foreign language teachers here aren’t native speakers. I also lived in and traveled to many different countries ever since I was little, so I come from a very multicultural and multilingual family. 

Patch: What are you looking forward to teaching your students this year?

Lucie: I want to teach them about French-speaking countries and their cultures, and same thing with Spanish speaking countries and their cultures. I think that’s the most interesting part of learning a language — to know the people who you can use the language with is very important.

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