McGovern's Tavern Still Struggling After Train Derailment

The new restaurant receives assistance from the Village of Glenview, but not enough to cover all costs.

The Village of Glenview announced in November it would help businesses affected by the fatal, July train derailment by paying rent while Shermer Rd. traffic remains blocked by a Union Pacific stone bridge.

But Declan Morgan, owner of McGovern's Tavern at the corner of Shermer Rd. and Willow Rd., told the Chicago Tribune he's still going into debt because of low customer turnout

Jashwant Patel, owner of the Wil-Sher Subway restaurant told the Chicago Tribune Glenview's financial aid are barely keeping the store operating and "there is no money left for anything."

Shermer Rd. is expected to stay closed for two years while Union Pacific designs and builds a new bridge to span the street and restore traffic to the area.

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Ang February 25, 2013 at 02:24 PM
Since the restaurant opened right around the time of the derailment, there is no data to support the idea that this was an established business with a level of success whose business was hurt by the derailment. Check out the yelp ratings. The five star reviews are short and lack detail, a sign that the review is fake or a mercy eff. The DETAILED reviews state poor-to-average quality of the food and the expensiveness of the drinks. As far as the Subway is concerned, How is the business of the three other Subways nearby? If people cannot get to the one on Shermer easily, maybe they just go to one of the other Subways 2 miles North, West, or East of this location. Perhaps their Starbucks-esque saturation plan has a flaw?
B&H March 06, 2013 at 03:29 PM
McGoven's needs new ownership, better food and some actual marketing. Classic example of a business griping about something that has actually nothing to do with them. What were dead people from the cemetery on Shermer supposed to be their customers? If they really think that people from the Glen (which aren't that many) aren't frequenting their establishment because Shermer is closed there they are crazy. It is a the tried and true saying - location, location, location - that one is a bad location. It will take an extreme turnaround to get that place hopping. The bridge repair will do nothing for them. Now the businesses south of Willow on Shermer - they have something a little more substantial to gripe about as people no longer turn south on Shermer or are now turning left to get to the Glen.


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