Northbrook Congregation Agrees to Neighbors' Demands on New Synagogue

After a contentious debate between the congregation and neighbors, Darchei Noam has agreed to make changes to the building, parking lot and grounds.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo

After much public outcry, the Darchei Noam congregation has agreed to make several changes to a new building and surrounding land in order to make neighbors of the new synagogue happy, according to an article in the Northbrook Star.

Neighbors had been upset about many components of the proposed building at 3465 Techny Road, including a path from a side street to the synagogue, which they were worried would lead to parking on that street, the height of fences and the type of trees.

You can read letters to the editor arguing against the proposed building here and here.

Darchei Noam decided to make the changes the neighbors had been asking for, according to the Star article.

You can read the full Northbrook Star story here.

Go With the Flow April 25, 2014 at 01:20 PM
I don't usually comment on any of the articles here, because it makes no difference. However, what bothers me right now, is that an Orthodox Community's neighbors that lives within our village do not understand the concept of an Orthodox Shul. These members are very religious. On ALL JEWISH HOLIDAYS THEY WALK! They are not allowed to use transportation, as it is not within their custom, including turning on and off lights. The walk way path is just that a walk way path. I have neighbors that will be a part of this shul, I live off of Landwher and Walters...there is a shul on Walters too. Does the community complain about the Conservative Shul who uses the park and all the streets surrounding there, during the Jewish holidays? If they do, they don't make a big stink like this. I feel as if we need to grow up and get with the times! Accept everyone for who they are and remember that we are all neighbors. I for one was never asked to sign a petition against an Orthodox Shul or sidewalk going from Walters through to Lake Knoll...it is blocked already...guess what people ride bikes and walk through...I'm disappointed as a resident of Northbrook, that this shul has become such an issue. Learn and ask questions about a religion like Orthodox Jews before making demands that bless them they concided to.


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