Photo of the Day: Ducklings Rescued on Central Avenue

Thanks to reader and columnist Betsy Brint for the feel-good story.

Patch reader and columnist submitted the above images along with quite the duckling rescue story.

While walking her dogs with her son Zacko along the Highland Park Movie Theater they discovered 10 ducklings trapped beneath a sewer grate with a worried mother duck pacing on the sidewalk above them.

With a little help from family, they were able to rescue the baby ducks and return them to the mother.

"Unfortunately, she began parading them up Central Avenue and we knew they would be in danger. So we collected the ducklings and lured mom toward the lake," Brint wrote in an email. "We made it all the way to Dale and Park - but a dog came by and scared the mommy duck. She flew away, circled a few times but disappeared!"

Brint and company eventually brought the ducklings to the Willowbrook Wildlife Center.

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Betsy Brint May 08, 2012 at 11:31 AM
Also to thank: Tim Higginson, our water fowl hero who climbed into the storm sewer to rescue the ducklings, and Christine and Howie Hill and their two daughters for helping throughout the whole adventure. Quite a day!


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