PHOTOS: Greenbriar Ribbon Cutting and Renovation Display

Greenbriar Elementary and Northbrook Park District officials offered public tours of the school's newly renovated gymnasium, classrooms and roof garden.

revealed the new gymnasium, rooftop garden and classrooms the school began renovating last spring. The following information about each renovation was provided by District 28. 


Students get to experience the full physical education curriculum in our expanded gymnasium. Students used to miss out on some activities because there wasn’t space in the old gym, which was more like a multi-purpose room. The new gym is not used for lunch, assemblies or other special activities, so it is always available for physical education. The Park District partnered with District 28 to build the new gym, which is used in the evenings and on weekends for Park District programs. The entire community has the opportunity to take advantage of this great space!

Permeable Paver Parking Lot

The bricks are permeable, so we can retain our water on-site. With asphalt or concrete, 100% of the water leaves the site and contributes to storm water runoff. Permeable pavers are made from materials that allow rainwater to drain through the surface into the ground. 

Green Roof

Greenbriar’s roof features over 20 different types of plants, including oak sedge, leaf coreopsis, and “shooting stars." Green roofs absorb rainwater that otherwise would enter the local storm water drainage systems. They also provide additional insulation, helping to keep buildings cool in the summer and to prevent heat loss in the winter. 

The roof and parking lot were paid for with the $435,880 Infrastructure Grant program for Stormwater Management from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agench. If the District had not received this grant, they would have used blacktop for the parking lot. 

Extended Day Kindergarten

Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, kindergartners can participate in an extended day care program. The activity-based program will provide care the other half of the elementary school day. This fee-based program is optional and is designed to provide a convenient option for parents.

New Front Office Area

The new secure front entrance and office allows for monitored visitor access, providing the security that is standard for modern schools.  An expanded nurse’s office provides curtained examination areas for students.  A new, larger conference room allows staff and parents to meet to discuss students’ learning.

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D August 30, 2012 at 03:06 PM
It is all lovely but I am sorry, a brick paver parking lot on an elementary school shows a very poor use of taxpayer dollars and very poor decision making on the part of the school board. Certainly there was something more beneficial for the education of the children that money could have been spent on?


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