This Week's "Best Of Northbrook" Results

You told us who's got the best pizza, cutest pet and most talented hairdresser.

All week Patch was on the search for Northbrook's best. And thanks to you, we received dozens of suggestions, photos and comments in return. Our goal was to get the community talking about some of their favorites on our Facebook page. If you're not a Northbrook Patch Facebook fan yet, click here to become one. But now, it's time for the results. 

Monday: Cutest Pet.

Our first question was easy. Who has the cutest pet? We were overwhelmed with adorable pictures. To take a look at those photos, click here. While we loved all your submissions, Missy Wilson Taki's picture of her dog welcoming a tiny new cat--in the tub--is just too cute. You can see them both in the photo to the right (awww). Again, thanks to everyone for submitting their pictures.  

Tuesday: Talented Hairdresser

When it comes to hair, Northbrook residents aren't shy about naming their favorites. Here's are some of the recommendations we received:

"The best hairdresser is Jasmine Metz owner of . Not only the best hairdresser (I get asked for her number all the time) but her salon is a "slice of cottage heaven in the burbs".," was Melly Schwartz's suggestion on our Facebook page.

"The best hairdresser is Amedeo DeRango at in Northbrook!," Marlo Russell Leaman wrote in. 

"Katie @ ....she rocks!!" Melissa Morreale commented. 

Tammy Bendoff gave a nod to Helene Fettner Rumoro at Salon Loran.

"April Glidden Lemick at Sam Martirano Salon & Spa...easily the best in Northbrook!!!!" wrote Michael Nass.

Tracy Sachman also likes Sam Martirano. "The absolute best ever hairdresser is Amy Sorce @ Sam Martirano's!!!" she commented.

Wednesday: Unique Boutique

It was a trickier category, but we still received several responses. Melissa Morreale, Melly Schwartz and Denise Handler all love , while Karen Flicher suggested Splurge and .

Thursday: Tastiest Slice of Pizza

Northbrook residents are just as excited about pizza as they are about pets. We received more than a dozen suggestions. Here are a few faves:

"Tough one..I like and I like ," commented Karen Flicher.

"Definitely Lou Malnatis. No one else's crust compares, sorry!" Beth Preis seconded.

" Contest over!," Adam Stone declared. Tracy Swafford agreed. 

" has fabulous pizza!" wrote Jenny Stringer.

Cynthia Villareal gave a thumbs up to .

" on Cherry Lane is definitly the best pizza not only in Northbrook but Chicago too!!!! Thank God for Marcello's thin crust!!!" exclaimed Natalie Matias. Becky Wiebrecht also put in a vote for Marcello's.

Ultimately, Patch decided we would have to try them all. 

Friday: Cool Swimming Pool

We only got one response in this category, but it was a great one. 

"Meadow Hill Aquatic Center by far!" wrote Jenny Stringer.

Have any other suggestions, pictures or tips you'd like to submit? Feel free to post your comments below or head to our Facebook page (don't forget to like us there).

A special thanks to all those who made this week's "Best Of" series so much fun! 


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