U.S. Census Data For Glenview, Northbrook

From the number of graduate degrees to how many hours individuals spend commuting, see how Northbrook and Glenview stack up in various demographics based on recently released data from the U.S. census.

The following reports are based on detailed demographic data recently released by the U.S. census. Visit Patch tomorrow to see how Glenview and Northbrook compare to neighboring North Shore communities. 

Social Characteristics Northbrook    Glenview    Population 32,933
44,134 Families with children 3,964
Families that are married    8,077
College degrees 8,170
Graduate degrees 6,971


Economic Characteristics Northbrook Glenview Mean travel time to work (minutes)   28.7
30.2 Median household income $110,902
% of families with income
below the poverty line  3.3 2.3


Housing Characteristics    Northbrook    Glenview    Median value of owner-
occupied homes  $546,700 $530,000


Age and Sex    Northbrook    Glenview    Median age 46.6


Community Characteristics    Northbrook    Glenview Drove alone to work 10,807
14,851 Took public transit to work 1,382
Work from home 1,132


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