VIDEO: How to Upload Photos to Patch Using Your Smartphone

This video tutorial will show users how to upload photos using their iPhone or Android smart phones using our free Patch app.

The holidays are often a time for feasts, family gatherings, maybe a little egg nog. Sometimes, the holidays are a great success — the turkey comes out great and the newborn looks adorable in her reindeer costume.

Other times, we aren't so lucky and the turkey gets burnt or get stuck on an unkle's head. Too much egg nog could do that to you. 

Whichever way it goes, Patch would love to see your favorite holiday memories submitted to our Pics and Clips section or a blog. But to do that, you shoud first see how easy it is to post photos to Patch using your phone.

Contributing photos to your local Patch sites is fun, easy and best of all, gives you the power to contribute your awesome photos to the site.

This video tutorial will show you how to upload a photo using the Patch app for the iPhone (our Android app is called Patch Places)

If you have an iPhone or an Android smart phone, you can download our free Patch app by clicking here for iPhone or here for Patch Places for Android phones.

After downloading the app, you can carry your hometown Patch anywhere you go and use the app to take and upload photos directly to any story, directory listing, announcement or contest that's on your local Patch.

It all starts by downloading the free app and signing up for a free account. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter to receive daily editions of your local Patch directly to your e-mail inbox.

The video tutorial will work for any Patch site. To find your local Patch, go to the Dashboard of the Patch App, touch or click on the button that says 'Find a Patch' and find the site that covers your community.

The tutorial uses a brand new photo, but the app allows you to upload photos stored on your phone.

Here's a little about the Patch App for each of the phones:

Patch for iPhone 

Patch for iPhone keeps you connected to the latest news, weather, local business listings and current events happening in your neighborhood. Patch’s app keeps you engaged and mobile by delivering 24/7 local community coverage. 

With Patch app's useful features you can:

  • Access the most relevant Patch news and local blog posts.
  • Stay up-to-date on weather and forecasting reports.
  • Search the various business listings in your community.
  • Discover what intriguing events are happening near you.
  • Comment on stories or upload photos via Facebook or email.

Plus, you can save anything from favorite stories to business listings direct to the iPhone for easy offline access.

Patch Places for Android

Patch Places is the go-to directory of local businesses in 800+ Patch towns. With Patch Places for Android, select any Patch community to connect to a mobile directory of every place nearby. From local businesses and organizations to government offices and public parks, there will be hundreds of comprehensive listings in the palm of your hands—anytime, anywhere.

Helpful features of Patch Places:

  • Search nearby shops, restaurants, and nightlife spots.
  • Call a business location or find it on a map.
  • Browse pictures and upload your own.
  • Share place pages via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

A location's official Web site can be viewed for more information on its goods and services and can be saved to favorites for later offline viewing.


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