Boxing Club and Fitness Center Now Open in Northbrook

No fights at the new work-out facility, but plenty calories to burn.

TITLE Boxing Club, a fitness concept that offers explosive total body workouts, is creating a frenzy among fitness enthusiasts around the North Shore looking for an effective way to get in shape. Their latest branch opened in Northbrook last week.

The new business at 573 Waukegan Rd. is based on a model designed by former professional boxer Danny Campbell, the POWER HOUR workout burns up to 1,000 calories and focuses on intense, fun and effective group boxing exercises and personal one-on-one training in a no-hassle atmosphere. 

“Consumers are tired of the same old traditional gym model and are searching for a workout program that will give them fast results they can actually see,” said Danny Campbell, co-founder and partner of TITLE Boxing Club. “The TITLE Boxing Club workout is based on a professional boxer’s training regimen, so it’s actually going to give members the results they want while at the same time changing them from a physical and mental level. This workout is catching fire, especially among women. They leave our clubs with an unmatched sense of empowerment. It changes their lives.”

TITLE Boxing Club offers members an interval based workout program that combines bouts of intense cardio and boxing exercises with short periods of rest. This type of interval training provides the most effective work to rest ratio, optimizing the client’s results.

“TITLE Boxing Club is filling a niche in the fitness industry as women ages 30-45 years old are the largest demographic taking part,” said David Thornton, owner of TITLE Boxing Club in Northbrook. “The 60-minute workout guarantees results and the non-threatening environment appeals to women."

TITLE Boxing Club does not promote actual fighting in its clubs, but rather encourages all participants at different fitness levels to workout at their own pace. Trained instructors lead the classes, each with different motivational styles and techniques. Some instructors focus on upper body training while others might incorporate more cardiovascular exercises into their session. 

During classes, members feed off of a group fitness atmosphere while music takes their mind off the intense effort so they workout harder, longer. Along with the physical results, the concept offers clients intense emotional and spiritual changes as well. Members leave each session with new-found confidence and empowerment. 

The TITLE Boxing Club is outfitted with a heavy bag station featuring suspended heavy bags where the POWER HOUR group classes are held. Members can use the traditional fitness equipment including free weights and treadmills. 

With 30 locations open across the country and 200 in development, TITLE Boxing Club is carving a niche in the crowded fitness segment.

“When you join the TITLE Boxing Club team, you are joining a family,” Campbell added. “We form a sort of community in the clubs and we strive for each and every member of that family to be successful. Unlike traditional gyms, we aren’t offering a social hour. You come here to work harder than you have ever worked before and leave with a new outlook on what fitness is all about and how it can change your life.”


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