Groupon Beware: New Daily Deal Website Launches on North Shore

PayLessNow offers customers discounts at local businesses.

It didn’t take very long for Chicago-based Groupon to gain widespread success. The website offers huge discounts to businesses around the country. But how convenient are the daily deals for North Shore residents?

“A person is not going to drive from Northbrook to Chicago to save $10 on dinner,” Anthony Berg said, which is why he created another website that’s geared to those living in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

PayLessNow.com’s concept is similar to Groupons, but Berg noted users have a lot more options in their surrounding areas.   

“No matter what you’re looking for, or where you are right now, you’ll generally be able to find something on PayLessNow.com.”

The process is easy. Participants log on, type in their zip codes, and a map of deals in that region pops up. Customers can purchase the special right there and then and use it immediately.  

Patch sat down with the Northbrook resident to find out more about why he launched the website and how it works. 


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