Whole Foods Market Voted Best Supermarket in Northbrook

Sunset Foods comes in second, Trader Joe's third in our Readers' Choice poll.

There's no doubt in the minds of our readers as to where they like to fill up their shopping carts: it's .

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Almost half of the 187 respondents - 89 - in our poll, said it's the Willow Road market. Coming in second with 68 votes, or 36 percent, was . The third place winner was Trader Joe's with 11, or 5 percent, of the votes.

Whole Foods has become a centerpiece of a growing interest in organic and locally-grown food. But while the market's been slammed for having over-the-top prices, (think "whole paycheck", according to CNN Money), respondents noted that concern about Sunset Foods, which has had a presence in Northbrook and other North Shore communities for years.


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