Bassler & Co. Healthcare Stance

Bassler & Co. is hear to help delay those ACA increases and help keep premiums level moving forward.

Health care reform seems to be a very large issue in our country
today. No matter which outlet you turn to for your news, there’s going to be
some sort of coverage or mention of health care reform. Although we’ve been
hearing about it for a long time now, do we, as citizens and employers,
understand what’s actually in store for us once the time comes? Big changes are
coming and not every is sure if they are prepared or even well informed about
the change. Let us first take a look at the realm of healthcare as it stands

As of now, carriers have not given any information about the
increases that they implement on certain plans. There is no underwriting;
therefore a much greater risk is involved accompanied by an increase in rates.
Basically, keeping us guessing as opposed to informed. Risk management is
almost nowhere to be found when speaking in terms of the insurance marketplace.
This leads us to the poor management and understanding of what is affecting
healthcare. Group healthcare plans are faced with the highest rates they have
seen in five years. While these are just a few factors that build up to create
healthcare, they are vital in maintaining an understanding of what is going on
now and what’s to come once the reform sets in.

What does all this mean for your business? It means you need
Bassler & Co. to help handle your insurance needs in a time when
transparency and honesty are essential. We have joined Key Healthy Partners to
bring proven solutions to the insurance arena. We have designed health plans
that fit the needs of group populations, your small/medium business, with
benefits that are catered to your workforce. 
With complete transparency throughout the process, its an ideal
partnership that will allow you, the employer, to keep track of your cost and
see how your dollars are actually spent. A plan through Bassler & Co. would
assure that renewals are kept at a minimum, unlike what is currently common
practice. Here at Bassler & Co. we like to make things simple for our
clients and because of this we do a once monthly bill that includes all
components offered, in hopes of making your transaction with us as easy as
possible. Another added benefit is the potential for a refund based on a good
claim year, which is not offered through providers currently.

Through all this change, Bassler & Co. is committed to
helping you and your business achieve a better understanding and grasps on what
to expect. We strive for excellence and customer service. For more information
about how we can help you and your business, please visit us at:

Our Website
or please call a representative at (847) 480 – 0800

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