Trustee Terson's Concerning Behavior at the District 21 School Board

Trustee Terson's Concerning Behavior at the District 21 School Board

We would like to inform the public about the recent behavior of one of the Village Trustees at the December 20th District 21 Board Meeting, as many residents who do not follow the school board meetings are not aware of this.  

After being announced as a Village Trustee, most individuals in the room thought he was speaking on behalf of the Village.  Trustee Terson began discussing his views on the expectations that children are 
provided an environment with safe playground equipment, adult supervision in and outside and without bullying.  These are all good topics, and not where our concern is.

Our concern is that he then began to make statements that he does not hold the district accountable for what recently happened in 
Connecticut. He then encouraged parents and the board to not let fear guide their decisions, insinuating that the school board was about to make irrational decisions on the safety of our children based on the recent tragedy.  The culmination of his behavior was in a statement where he said something along the lines that our children have a better chance of being harmed at home by their parents, than at school.  He said this with children and parents present.

His behavior is not what we expect of our elected officials.  It is unacceptable, for Trustee Terson to make these statements at a school board meeting attempting to influence the decisions that could affect our Children’s safety. He was speaking after it being announced that he was a Trustee, speaking on the Village’s behalf.  Using an elected office to push personal agendas is the exact same reason why we as a Village recalled Lisa Stone, and we are sure what Trustee Terson did is against the rules.  

In the meeting Trustee Terson had the ability to correct the fact that he was announced as a Trustee, and chose not to.  Therefore, it is our belief that he was attempting to use his position as a Trustee to influence the decisions of the D21 Board.


Concerned Parents of District 21

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Maureen Welborn January 28, 2013 at 03:21 PM
"Alarmist nitwit" and "coward" .... These are bullying words ... Something Mike Terson is adamantly against. I'm sure you want to defend Mike's comments, but please refrain from "name calling".
American1 January 28, 2013 at 04:06 PM
While I was not at the meeting, This does sound like misdirected anger. I am a district 21 parent, and appreciate all ideas spoken in a public forum designed to make our kids life better. I have seen Mike work tirelessly to help this community, and since we do not know who you are, we will assume you are doing nothing but complaining. I'm sure you had the same opportunity to speak. I even value your opinion, but you should not be hiding behind a fictitious group name.
American1 January 28, 2013 at 04:25 PM
My name is Mary Strege - I am trying to update an old profile
Longfellow Parent January 28, 2013 at 10:41 PM
There are a bunch of comments on the Longfellow parents facebook page about parent volunteers and there are more than a few parents that had an opposite view as Mike Terson’s. Aside from the fact the he was right and these parents are out of line in their beef with the school principal, it sure seems to me that “Concerned Parents of District 21” is someone who didn’t like Terson disagreeing with them. To go to the measure of trying to publicly humiliate someone is pretty low. Good for Mike for not being afraid to stand up to this kind of nonsense.
Jim Strege January 28, 2013 at 11:27 PM
My name is Jim Strege. I know Mike personally and stand behind him as a parent and trustee. He has the comittment to respond to these accusations using his name. I think that should speak volumes to the author of this article. I happen to agree with Mike that reacting just to react is wrong. Our government is doing enough of that to go around. Right after Sandy Hook some one suggested we install bullet proof glass at the front door, without considering the fact that our kids use the playground daily! Knee jerk reaction. We as parents are all highly concerned. We should be listening to ALL the ideas to keep our children safe, then make rational,l well thought out changes. Mike is at the very least adding his point of view in an open forum using his own name. Your words are more likely to be considered that way. Oh and BTW I agree with the danger of the parking lot at Longfellow being dangerous due to cell phones being used illegally and hurried , rude people navigating through the lot to rush on to what ever is next. I don't go in there any more, its crazy. Mike keepup the good work your efforts are appreciated, even the ones I may not agree with.


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