Moy's Cantonese Wins Best Chinese Food in Northbrook

Readers say they love the takeout spot on Dundee Road.

While some local and beloved Chinese food spots have recently closed, there is still a long list of options in town, from to longtime favorite Moy's Cantonese.

When in our Readers' Choice poll, two front-runners emerged: Moy's and . We crunched the numbers, weighing results on the poll and in our extensive directory of local businesses, to name a winner: .

The takeout and delivery spot has served Northbrook residents their Chinese food fix from the same location at Dundee and Pfingsten roads for 30 years. 

"I have been going to Moy's since 1990 and the quality and taste is outstanding," wrote reader Emily Taylor. "I have tried many other restaurants (when Moy's is closed and needed a Chinese fix) and nothing compares."

Patch spoke to Moy's owner, who preferred to go by his first name, Chung, to find out the recipe to his success.

"I have no clue why we are the best!" he said. But he did know that customers love the restaurant's spicy food and its specialty, Mongolian Beef. 

"After I was devastated, the best egg rolls anywhere," wrote reader Rich Kurnick. "Had to find somewhere new for good Cantonese. Tried Moy's and was very happy and I told him he can't retire on me like Fong's did."

Next week, Patch is looking for your opinion on the best place to do your taxes--at the last minute. The voting begins at 9 a.m. on Monday.

Elizabeth Manaster March 31, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Good to know. We've never been there, but we did love Fong's egg rolls. Thanks, Patch, we'll have to try Moy's!
I can remember going to Ohio to do my internship and the one food I was going crazy over leaving was Moys. When I came back to interview for jobs for just 2 days, the first meal I got was that and after being in a place that had NO good Cantonese food, it was amazing! In fact, at that time, where I was in Ohio, when you would go to try and look up Cantonese food, you could not find it! Only Chinese and there is a difference for those of us who LOVE Cantonese!


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