Lindners Retain Clifford Law

Fisher and LaMonica will remain co-counsel in the wrongful death suit against Union Pacific after a train derailment and subsequent bridge collapse in Northbrook-Glenview.

Chicago's Clifford Law Offices announced today the Lindner family has retained them as lead counsel in the wrongful death suit after . 

“We’re very experienced trial lawyers in transportation accidents,” Clifford spokeswoman Pamela Menaker said. “We’re highly experienced in terrible tragedies.”

The family's initial legal representation, , will remain on the case as co-counsel. 

“The railroad has a team of attorneys," Michael LaMonica said. “It’s going to be a very involved case so we decided to get more people involved.”

The Sun-Times reported today that Union Pacific has video shot onboard the derailed train, which Union Pacific and the Federal Train Administration are now reviewing.

“That will definitely have the part the investigative team is looking for,” Union Pacific spokesman Mark Davis told the newspaper.


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