Duh...What's the NDAA...and what's quaint little Evanston got to do with it?

Someday, our grandchildren will rightfully ask us what did we do to stop this from happening. The first step is to muster the courage to wake up. The cowards among us will not fare well.

The following is an article about the National Defense Authorization Act...which was signed into law on New Year's Eve of 2011...not by Bush or Cheney,  but by Obama.

 Its sweeping powers have the capacity to undo habeus corpus and our precious right to due process.  The people who would have been up in arms against this kind of executive action have rolled over because it was signed into law by a Democrat...one who they seemingly hold above contempt...why?  I don't know.  Is it because he's a Democrat...because he's charming?...or because he's black?

To me, it doesn't matter who or what he is...the NDAA is a fascist piece of legislation and anyone willing to lie down and let it slide is either hopelessly ignorant, apathetic, or so naive as to render their politically correct leanings dangerously self destructive...indeed...nationally destructive.


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John February 12, 2013 at 10:32 PM
In December of 2012 the Senate voted to renew and extend the NDAA. It’s a bill that is little discussed but gave Bush the authority to prosecute wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and to indefinitely detain “enemy combatants” without trial. There is never a reason to support bills like this one and the Patriot Act. Once government has a power, it keeps it, it expands it. Both the Patriot Act and The NDAA have been given expanded powers every time they came up for renewal. At first we were told these measures, although unconstitutional, only applied to the terrorist and noncitizens. That only they would be spied on and not on US soil. That only they would be indefinitely detained without rights and not US citizens. Today US citizens in the United States are subject to government spying without court orders. US citizens are subject to indefinite detention without trial. US citizens are subject to summary execution without trial or due process. Here or abroad. (Senator McCain’s committee removed the amendment that forbade the indefinite detention of US citizens….its not a party thing). We are told by these people who believe in indefinite detention that the battle is everywhere. if the battle is everywhere, our liberties are nowhere. If the battle is without end, when will they return our liberties? When will our rights be restored if the battle has no end and the battlefield is limitless and the war is endless?
John February 12, 2013 at 10:34 PM
Continued... When will our rights be restored? It is not a temporary or limited suspension of our right to trial by jury but an unlimited, unbounded relinquishment of the right to trial by jury without length or duration. We are told that limiting the right to trial by jury is justified under the law of war. Where is the outrage to applying the law of war to American citizens accused of crimes in the United States? Is the law of war a euphemism for martial law? What is the law of war except something to go around the Constitution? It is an extraordinary circumstance that might happen in a battlefield somewhere else but should not happen in the United States. And as the old adage foretold, little by little, we relinquish our rights. Its not the democrats, its not the republicans, its the political class aided by apathetic citizens that are to blame. But watch. When Obama is out of office and if a republican should win, the now quiet progressive civil rights activists will start to scream bloody murder about the abusive and unconstitutional powers of the that republican administration
Jim February 14, 2013 at 04:12 PM
The fact of the matter is that our society is now based on images first, words second and action last. Unfortunately we are dependent on a corrupt media for the reporting of all three. As a result, voters do not know and/or do not care and Jeramiahs are not very popular as they interfere with comfort zones. It is not surprising that Hitler's "Big Lie" was effective when one sees what the socialist/fascist propaganda is accomplishing today. Usually when populations wake up, it is too late.
june shellene February 14, 2013 at 07:23 PM
John I would love to see you blogging on here. You're a good writer, and well-informed. Thanks so much.
june shellene February 16, 2013 at 03:04 AM
Jim AND John... The fog of political correctness and liberal brain-deadness is rampant here, ushering in a fascist regime whose power will surpass all regimes that came before. I hope you start blogging here too. It's probably too late, but nevertheless, we have to do what we can.


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