4 Things You Should Never Do at Your Desk

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Although many of us live in our desk and even can consider it a home away from home, we really need to take into consideration all of our bad habits that need to be broken that come from our lovely work desk.  I am guilty of so many of these things!  I cross my legs at my desk and even at the dinner table.  Trying hard to quit that.  I don’t take a lot of breaks and I do eat at my desk.  Seriously, I am so guilty and my daughter are both chiropractors!

Pretty much now or never, it’s a new year so why not start now breaking all bad habits. Starting with our work station. Since we do spend so much time in it why don’t we start making better habits so it can help us be more productive and better workers in this new year of 2012. Lets look for alternative ways to make our second home a more comfy place!

Say goodbye to the following:

1. Taking a lunch at your desk.

Eating a lunch in your desk is the worst idea in the working planet, because it will turn into overeating without you even realizing.

2. Crossing your knees.

I know that when sitting behind a desk its more comfortable when you cross your knee, but you might want to put a halt to that since crossing your knees is one of the main culprits to back pain. So if you are in need of comfort in your desk try to get a comfier chair or back pillow that offers a comfortable support for your back.

3. Loud ear phones.

Rocking to your favorite tune at work might seem very relaxing at first and might even make work go by faster. But in reality your causing a major damage to you’re poor ear drums. So try instead turning it down or play the music soft on your computer.

4. Never taking a break.

It’s great that you want to be on top of your work, but it’s also important that you take a second for yourself and take at least a 15 minute break. Taking a walk or a bathroom break helps you relieve stress and helps you reboot your energy, and help you be more productive.

Pick up  timer to remind you to take breaks.  Staples, Target, Walmart and Office Max have sturdy inexpensive timers;  Use the timer to remind yourself to eat and drink water while at your desk as well!


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