Letter to the Editor: Pet Parrot and Owner Reunited

When a reader's pet parrot flew away last year, a helpful neighbor and the Northbrook Police Department came to the rescue.

Editor's Note: Patch found out about this story on our Facebook page, where Sean Eftekhari shared his tale of being reunited with his parrot Kiwi one year ago. We thought it was such a good story we wanted to share it with all our readers. Here are Sean's words:

It was 1 year ago on a Saturday night that my best-feathered friend Kiwi (a green-cheek conure parrot) was lost in Northbrook. Something that night spooked her and, in my lack of keeping her safe from flying outdoors, she flew into the night sky. Despite my desperate attempt to track her down, I finally lost hope after almost two hours of searching. A good friend comforted me on the telephone and explained that she will show up and that I should not lose hope. It was hard for me to believe in such a miracle as I reluctantly accepted her caring words. 

Upon returning home that night, in utter disgust and partial denial, the thought of having lost her forever began to torture my thoughts. As the hours passed on by I imagined her continually flying further and further away. It was a cold night that April and I feared she wouldn't even stand the strain of the weather since she is a tropical bird from the South Americas. Also, the thought of her being attacked and eaten by other animals haunted me and kept me from sleeping well. I posted an advertisement for a lost pet bird online along with some photos of her using both Craigslist and 911 Parrot Alert. The next morning on Sunday I got a surprising telephone call from the claiming that they thought they had found my bird. I rushed to the station...It was Kiwi! 

My bird had apparently sought shelter throughout the night near a neighbor’s home about half a mile away. In the morning when my neighbor was moving something in a truck, Kiwi flew and landed in their vehicle. Being that my bird is obviously not a wild animal, this person stuck his hand out and Kiwi took it. She climbed onto his shoulder as she usually does and perched herself there. This person took Kiwi to the Northbrook police department where a very thoughtful police officer decided to check Craigslist for a missing parrot ad. He found my ad! 

It was 1 year ago that I learned that miracles do actually happen!

-Sean Eftekhari


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