A Valentine to the Everyday

Today, like every day, each other means more than the two of us -- it’s the whole family.

Once upon a time, February 14th was all about the two of us.  Now, Valentine’s Day is a family holiday -- and I love it more than ever.  With two little girls, most days are filled with hearts and lots of pink. Today it’s over the top.

From the time we first met, my husband has been thoughtful (or at least put on a really good act) about making Valentine’s Day the momentous day that I think it is.  Now that he’s outnumbered 3 to 1, he knows his ladies, especially the little ones, expect him to deliver.  Luckily the dollar bins at Target and bags of pink M&M’s make that all pretty easy.

By no means does life stop on Valentine’s Day.  Most moms I know are busy with their usual attempts to balance work, kids, carpool, practices and school events.   Today, like every day, each other means more than the two of you- it’s all of you.

It’s not to say Valentine’s Day won’t be celebrated near the day with your spouse. But the focus of the actual day of love, flowers and candy has shifted. 

Becoming a mom made me realize how powerful the feelings of love and affection can be, not just for my children, obviously, but also for the people who love my kids.  I truly feel love and a deep sense of gratitude toward family members, my friends, teachers, even my children’s little friends, who really love them, who appreciate them, who get them.

For me, today is a day to shower my kids with all things warm and loving in the form of small gifts, too many treats and maybe a special dinner (heart-shaped pizza is an annual tradition for one friend of mine…I might just steal that idea tonight). 

Most of all, it’s about time together.  Today as I make my way from work, to my daughter’s classroom party, to  and back to school tonight—it’s all about embracing, with love, the usual busy schedule that rules our lives.  On this Tuesday that will run with the same schedule as last Tuesday and the same craziness as next week, it’s all about love for each other and love of the everyday.


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