Nerheim is 'Best Candidate' for State's Attorney

A Lindenhurst resident shares his view of Mike Nerheim.

I recently received a direct mail piece from Louise Hayes and was upset to read her opinion regarding Republican candidate, Mike Nerheim. Ms. Hayes, who I know to be only a part-time Attorney in the Lake County State's Attorney’s Office, indicates in her mailer that Mike Nerheim puts the public at risk because of his occupation as a Criminal Defense Attorney.

I am a 25-year veteran of Law Enforcement and my Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 66, unanimously endorsed Mike Nerheim in his candidacy for Lake County State's Attorney. I was well aware of Mike's current occupation when the endorsement was made. I am also aware of his extensive and therefore well rounded experience as a prosecutor, civil and municipal attorney.  

Ms. Hayes seems to misunderstand the role of a defense attorney in our justice system and it is her limited view that has possibly landed the State's Attorney’s Office in hot water more than a few times. As a law enforcement officer, I understand the vital role of the defense attorney to ensure that Constitutional rights are protected.

When the Constitution is upheld then the resulting convictions can be viewed as justice, not temporary convictions waiting to be overturned on appeal. Ms. Hayes is seemingly desperate to do anything she can to attempt to smear the best candidate for State's Attorney. Given her overall lack of experience, temperament and understanding of our system, it is no surprise she has stooped to slinging mud at Mike to try and shift the focus from her weak candidacy.

John K. Van Dien



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