Red Raspberries Pest Solutions in own words

We are mice and ants specialists. $100 for 30 day warranty or $300 for 1 year warranty. Great prices on all flies (fruit flies, drain flies), wasps, hornets, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, all pests common to Northbrook.

We do not make money by cutting corners, we make money by impressing you into recommending us to the rest of your family and to your friends. When you see a job done efficiently, by an well-paid, well-rested employee...you will know, and you will recommend. Today, to quote someone, "seeing good service actually surprises me" so bingo, that's our "niche," that's our secret: we surprise people and in return, people recommend us.

And we at Red Raspberries Pest Solutions protect your privacy. Who do you want on your driveway...some company with cockroaches on their trucks, with names more appropriate for cancer drugs than pest control business, companies that advertise themselves with total disregard for your privacy or do you want a company with red raspberries on its cars...sweet and discreet...let see your neighbors figuring out you just had pest control service done :) Told you we protect your privacy...others just talk, we really do it.

Red Raspberries Pest Solutions....not the oldest pest company, just the happiest to fight pests. We hate pests more than you do and we fight them in the safest and most-efficient way than any competitor.

Go to www.redraspberriespestsolutions.com and set up a meeting between your pests and us. That is all you need to do for your pest problems to be solved in the fastest, safest and most-affordable way by the nicest-named pest company in Northbrook! Might sound like bragging by now but it seems we are proud of our red raspberries on the cars like soldiers are proud of their unit patches on the shoulders...it's like "I serve with the 101 Air Assault" or I serve with the Red Raspberries Pest." Great feeling hahahaha, hope your company makes you feel like that...

george lemieux June 09, 2014 at 08:01 PM
There is no glory in overpaying for pest control...is not like your neighbors will say "gee, I so envy her for paying so much for those ants..." So pay smart, hire us, $100 for 30 day warranty or $300 for one year warranty. The one year warranty will cover mice as well...and you just know this is the best pest control related offer you heard of being available in your area so take it before our competitors see it and...and nothing hahahha, our competitors will never beat our prices just like they can't beat our results but don't take my word for it: if you have ants call them, call them all :), everyone serving your suburb should receive a call from you and write down what they charge, how they do it and how much warranty they offer. Then, when you have all details call us and introduce us to your ants as this will be the best thing for you and for your ants because numbers do not lie. Ads do, numbers never. Red Raspberries Pest Solutions what a beautiful thing...


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