Staackmann, Action Party React To Candidate

After Trustee Dan DiMaria declared Tuesday he would run for mayor in the party's primary, Morton Grove's mayor, Dan Staackmann, commented.


 After Morton Grove Trustee Dan Di Maria announced Tuesday he would run for village president in the Action Party primary election on Feb. 26, members of the Action Party issued a statement.

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It said: 

Previously, the Board of Directors of the Action Party chose its slate of candidates for the upcoming April 2013 municipal election.  Five seats on Morton Grove’s Village Board will be on the April ballot:  Village President, Village Clerk, and three Village Trustee positions.  The Action Party still endorses the slate it selected and announced on October 17, namely Daniel J. Staackmann for the office of Village President; Ed Ramos for Village Clerk; and Bill Grear, Tony Kalogerakos, and John Pietron for the three Village Trustee positions.

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Mark Matz, president of the Action Party stated, “I am personally disappointed that there will be a primary.  Action Party members have chosen very strong candidates. We encourage the voter to look at each candidate's record of accomplishments and continue to support the Action Party."

Village President Daniel J. Staackmann, who is running for re-election, weighed in on the fact that a primary would occur in February.  

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“I look forward to letting the residents of Morton Grove see who is better qualified and equipped to lead the village into the future.  I am running on my record of leadership, serving on both the Village Board and previously on the Park District Board, where I served for 16 years. 

"During my tenure on both boards, I fought for crucial changes which were made to address inefficiencies.  I have a vision for this village and will continue to work to ensure that Morton Grove residents receive the best services possible.”

The Action Party is a grassroots Morton Grove-based political party, which prides itself in the fact that its candidates are non-partisan – Democrats, Republicans, and Independents – who are dedicated to providing the Village of Morton Grove with experienced, independent, and committed leadership. 

Look for more information about the Action Party and the upcoming election on our Facebook page, Action Party of Morton Grove.

Lizzy T November 15, 2012 at 11:10 PM
I shop at the new Produce World which used to be Old Navy and think that it is a wonderful new store. How can anyone say that Mayor Staackmann is not good for business. Things may not be perfect but are a lot better than many other towns. We do need more taxes to keep the taxes lower and which I recall did not go up over the last few years since the current Mayor was in office. I do remember taxes going up under the last one though.
Brad November 16, 2012 at 01:37 PM
MG has a history of being unfriendly for business. I have three letters to prove my argument. ABT. Enough said! Do you think Dan Dimaria would have let ABT move out of MG. I think not!
Old Time Grover November 16, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Not nearly enough said Brad. Lived in town a long time, tired of know nothings who make uninformed comments putting them forth as facts. Let's stop all the nonsense about ABT once and for all. They needed more open acres to build what they wanted that did not exist here. Dont believe it? Go look at their space in Glenview. One thing they're not making any more of is land so unless you wanted YOUR neighborhood bulldozed to build a new business tell me where you'd put a facility of that size? Didn't anyone remember reading what Mr. Abt said in an article a couple of years ago? He wanted to stay, had a good relationship with the village, but couldn't find enough space in Morton Grove to suit his needs. Brad is obviously a DiMaria backer so here's questions. Why did Dimaria vote to raise our taxes 20% when he was on the village board back in 2005? Why so many abstains when voting on the board about money now? My comment to Patch, get your reporters to do some fact checking about what is printed on your pages.
SuburbanMary November 16, 2012 at 05:26 PM
Wow, Brad. Now you're delusional. Abt (it's a family name, not three letters) outgrew its location on Waukegan Road (for both showroom and storage space). They were looking to relocate and no large parcels of land were available in MG. Look at the size of their campus in Glenview. Do you know of anything that large in MG where they could have relocated? Get real. Not even a miracle could have kept Abt in MG.
sherwin dubren November 28, 2012 at 07:23 PM
True enough that ABT has a much larger store in Glenview, but they may have not even planned a move in the first place had MG made it more comfortable for them to stay. With all the land on Waukegan sold to car dealerships at a loss by the village, there may have been an opportunity to accomodate ABT. I think the Action Party gave up too soon on that one. I'm not in favor of DiMaria as a replacement for Staackman, but at least he is showing some opposition spirit, which is what I think this village needs. We are hearing now that Niles is starting a new party to oppose the entrenched party of the former Mayor Blase. Good for them. Now, if we could only swing a similar move in MG, there may be hope yet for the village.


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