An Honest Toker and a Milk Menace

A round-up of unusual crimes in our Patch region.

A laser hair removal device valued at around $400 was reported stolen from Bloomingdales in Old Orchard Mall.

Wilmette police approached a man and asked him what he was doing in a park. He allegedly said he was going to use a cigar to make a blunt and showed the officer a jar containing marijuana.

Police responded to a theft at a Skokie Subway where, according to police, a woman grabbed a bottle of milk, took a sip of it and then walked outside and threw the milk on the ground. Police told her that she could no longer come to the business and no charges were filed.

Police responded to a complaint outside Nordstrom in Old Orchard Mall on Christmas Eve. According to the report, the victim’s car’s passenger and driver’s side doors were kicked in. The man told police that he parked next to a black Mercedes-Benz S-Series and when he returned he noticed both of his doors kicked in and a business card that read, “Learn how to park ass****, get a real car.”

A Skokie man came into the police station to report that someone illegally used his license plates on Jan. 7. According to the report, the victim received a letter from the Illinois State Tollway informing him of three blown tolls. Police told the man that his best course of action is to go to a court hearing to straighten out the issue.

Editor's Note: We have removed a portion of this article about a crime at a synagogue. The original police blotter report did not specify the location of the crime, which is why it was included in this feature.

Jon Handler January 14, 2012 at 06:57 PM
I enjoy the OMG PD each week. I think you do a great job. This week I was disappointed. In the Persephone article, the statues vandalized were at a syngagogue, this is more likely an anti-semitic hate crime. In that context, it is neither funny nor appropriate for the OMG PD section. I see you removed that context to make it appear funny rather than disturbing, but that trivializes the issue. Imagine if someone vandalized a nativity scene, a mosque, or the Baha'i temple in some way -- would you remove the religious context in order to make a joke of it? If you have done so in the past, or would do so in the future, then I object to that equally.
Emily Stone January 15, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Hi Jon, Thanks for the note and for being a loyal OMG PD reader. I just added an editor's note at the bottom of the story to fix the issue. Thanks for letting us know. -Emily


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