Dispatchers Help Assure Woman's Safety After Her Call to NPD Went Dead

The caller said she was having problems with her boyfriend and a dispatcher heard what sounded like a struggle. Then the line went dead.

The following is from the Village of Northbrook:

On Tuesday, April 8, a cell phone call was received on the Police non-emergency line from a female subject. Background noises led the dispatcher to believe a struggle was occurring. Before the line went dead, the dispatcher was able to ascertain that she was in Deerfield and having problems with her boyfriend. Attempts to redial the caller’s cell phone went to voice mail.

Dispatch was able to associate a name and a Deerfield address with the cell phone number. Deerfield Police were notified and advised that they had not received any calls for a domestic and had no record of the cell phone number or the name of the caller.

Northbrook dispatchers contacted the cell phone provider and determined that the call came from Buffalo Grove. Buffalo Grove Police were contacted and conducted a search of the area with negative results.

While this activity was taking place, Northbrook continued attempts to locate the caller using contact phone numbers provided by the phone carrier. Eventually, the father was reached who confirmed his daughter was associated with a boyfriend living in the Buffalo Grove area but the exact location was unknown. After 45 minutes, the father was able to locate his daughter and was assured of her safety.

The female caller contacted the Northbrook Police and confirmed her location and that she was not in danger.

Technology and fortitude by communications personnel led to the safety of a cell phone user in possible danger.



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