Northbrook Family Pleads Not Guilty in $7M Shoplifting Case

The mother, father and daughter are accused of stealing baby gear and other items and selling it on eBay.

The Northbrook mother, father and adult daughter accused in a massive interstate shoplifting spree pleaded not guilty to the charges Tuesday in federal court, according to Medill Reports.

Branko Bogdanov, 58, his wife Lela Bogdanov, 52, and their daughter Julia Bogdanov, 34, are accused of stealing more than $7 million in baby girl, toys and other merchandise and then selling it on eBay.

Branko and Lela Bogdanov, who are being held without bail appeared in orange jumpsuits and leg shackles, the Medill Reports article states. Julia Bagdonov has been allowed to remain at the family’s Northbrook home.

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