Police: Two Men Arrested, Charged With Felony Attempted Burglary

The men were arrested in relation to six different accounts of car locks cut near the 1900 Rd. of Willow Rd.

The following reports were provided by the Northbrook Police Department. Arrests and charges are accusations and do not indicate guilt. 

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Stolen Front License Plate

Between Nov. 16 and 18, someone stole the front license plate from a car parked on the 300 block of Park Dr., according to police.

Chicago Men Arrested For Attempted Vehicular Burglary

On Nov. 11, police say they arrested Victor Labra-Figueroa, 30, and Sergio Gutierrez, 23, both of Chicago, in relation to a rash of cut car locks on 1900 Willow Rd. 

Both men were charged with felony attempted burglary, according to police.

Attempted Residential Burglary

On Nov. 11, a woman from the 2200 block of Valencia Dr. noticed pry marks on her sliding patio door, according to police. No apparent entry was gained because the doors were locking and nothing was missing in or near the property, police say.


On Nov. 14, a woman was walking by the lower level Lord & Taylor entrance when an unknown man bumped into her and pulled out the H&M bag, according to police. The offender was described as a man, 5’11”, black hair, wearing a red-hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans police say.

Police say they searched the area but could not locate the man. He was last seen running in a N/E direction towards LakeCook Rd. The bag contained a t-shirt, keys, a wallet containing her ID and miscellaneous papers, according to police.


Last week, someone stole motorcycle helmets that were left on top of a motorcycle parked in the garage of a condo on 4000 Dundee Rd., according to police.


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