Police: Residents Lose More Than $9,000 In Multiple Identity Thefts

Other police activity: motor vehicle burglary reported over several days.

The Glenview Police Department provided the following reports. Charges are merely accusations and suspects are innocent until proven guilty. 

Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud

On Oct. 16, a Glenview resident reported that multiple credit accounts had been opened in their name by an unknown offender who used their identifying information, police said. Losses totaled about $4,000, according to police.

On the same day, another resident reported that someone used their personal information to divert checks from a bank account for about $1,800 in losses, police said.

On Oct. 20, someone reported that their credit cards was stolen in Northbrook and used at a business in the 2200 block of Willow Rd. by a female suspect who purchased gift cards and various items for a loss of about $3,500, according to police.

The combined losses for the three crimes is $9,300.

Trespass and Motor Vehicle Burglary

On Oct. 17, a resident in the 2100 bock of Timbers Edge notified police that someone entered their garage via an unlocked overhead door and went inside two unlocked cars but stole nothing, police said.

On Oct. 20, a resident reported that someone entered their vehicle, parked on the 4100 block of Cove Ln. and stole a GPS device, according to police. The resident believed that the crime occurred that day or the day before, police said. Losses totaled about $130, according to police.

On the same block, on the same day, a resident said they witnessed two male subjects around the resident's vehicle — one of the strangers was inside the vehicle and the other stood outside of it, police said. Both fled, and nothing was taken, according to police.

The next day, a resident in the 400 block of Warren Rd. reported that someone entered their car while it was unlocked and parked outside their residence, according to police. A male subject was spotted running from the area, according to police, who said that nothing appeared to be stolen.

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Malta October 26, 2012 at 12:11 PM
As long as it remains "politically incorrect" for police to stop and question suspicious looking characters walking the streets of relatively affluent areas ....I see people routinely that look "out of place. ". These issues will continue....of course the "liberals" will scream about "profiling" but. As the problems multiple as I see weekly in the "patch". Even they will accept reality.... And demand safety for themselves.
Malta October 26, 2012 at 12:18 PM
In chicago tribune today an article discusses "mob attacks" in downtown chicago.....and that merchants are wanting to hire private police to protect themselves... As chicago can't afford to pay for extra protection....just a matter of time before the same issue arrives in the north suburbs. The liberal politicians unwillingness to "deal with" the reality of social issues has brought us to this Think about that when you vote!
chris October 26, 2012 at 12:59 PM
They are called flash mobs and it's a very common occurrence in Chicago. Right on Michigan Ave. in broad daylight. These groups of 20-30 will show up, smash windows, steal things and scatter before police can respond. I work in River North and any cop will tell you (and I know a lot of them from the 18th district) that it's a war zone. They recommend owning a gun.
Carolyn October 26, 2012 at 03:07 PM
If someone owns a gun, they should also own up to the need for training in shooting skills, safety measures, and situation assessment. Without routine practice in all of these areas, quick decisions can lead to very unfortunate situations.
Mark Newsted October 26, 2012 at 09:03 PM
If I have to listen to much more partisan garbage I might vomit. Real conservatives don't whine! If they are concerned abouth their safety; they take appropriate steps to protect themselves. They vote their conscious and have no need constantly throw their values in the face of anyone who will listen. If you do not feel safe; call the police! They will assess any threat you may perceive to be valid. If you stop doing business with people in high crime areas; you can count on investments being made in security! This has nothing to do with PC or owning a gun!


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