Update: Man Fires Gun; 75 Police, SWAT Converge on Northbrook Subdivision

Three-hour armed standoff ends peacefully as police take 51-year-old Northbrook man into custody.

Last updated at 10:53 p.m.

Helicopters, police dogs and a police SWAT team converged on the Villas Salceda subdivision in Northbrook Thursday afternoon to coax an armed man out of his home after he got into a fight with his parents.

The 51-year-old man, who lives with his elderly parents, got into a verbal dispute with his mother and father around 3:30 p.m., according to Northbrook Police Chief Charles Wernick, who held a press conference at the Northbrook Police Department at 8 p.m. Thursday night.

At some point, the son fired a shot, at no one in particular, according to Wernick. No one was injured.

Leaving his wife behind, the man’s father went to the police station to report the fight.

“He stated there were multiple weapons in the home,” Wernick said.

Police cordoned off an area around the 2500 block of Salceda Drive for roughly three hours as they made repeated attempts to contact the man. 

“We got the mother out safely a while later and the son was home alone,” Wernick said.

Theodora Kahn, who was visiting her parents in the Villas Salcedas subdivision, said she saw police with dogs create a perimeter around the neighborhood, and spotted helicopters as well. She said she also heard police speaking to someone with a bullhorn.

“It happens just like it does on TV," she said. 

All three entry points to the subdivision—on Willow, Pfingsten and Shermer roads—were blocked off. Police set up a staging area for their vehicles, along with ambulances and fire engines, in the parking lot of next door.

"They were not letting anybody into the complex," said Julie Heinz, a manager of nearby .

Sometime after 7 p.m., the man surrendered peacefully and was transported to the hospital for observation, according to Chief Wernick. The weapons were collected as evidence and confiscated.

Police have not yet released his name, and charges are still pending, he said.

The Northern Illinois Police Alarm System Emergency Response Team was activated, meaning a call went out for help to dozens of nearby municipalities. All told, 75 police officers came to the scene, according to Wernick. Patch spotted emergency responders from Glenview, Glencoe and Morton Grove. One officer told Patch that police came from as far as Countryside.

Ongoing activities were canceled at nearby schools, including  and . The high school held its parents’ night tonight, and about 2,000 people descended on the general area at the same time, Wernick said.

The department had officers on site and everything went smoothly from their standpoint, he added. The junior high was temporarily locked down, but police eventually allowed parents to come and pick up children participating in after school activities like sports practice.

Stay tuned to Patch for updates as we find out more information and report the official word from police.

Larry Lubell September 23, 2011 at 04:47 AM
I have know Steven Hadesman since we were 10 years old. He is not, nor has ever been a part of any terrorist group. He has NO history of violence. He is a kind, loyal friend. He has devoted years of his life being a support to his sister and the caring of her teenage son that has been suffering from cancer. The article talks about his father, but unfortunately his father died more than 6 years ago, so I assume this means his mother's husband. 75 police showing up seems over the top. He was not holding people hostage. He has no record
Larry Lubell September 23, 2011 at 04:51 AM
75 police? They did not send 75 people to get Bin Laden!
Mike Burns September 27, 2011 at 06:55 PM
"The 51-year-old man, who lives with his elderly parents, got into a verbal dispute with his mother and father around 3:30 p.m." Definitely needed the SWAT team on this one...................
Larry Lubell October 05, 2011 at 04:16 AM
75 police is simply over reacting. This is not a case of the more the better. At some point the additional policy just get in each others sightline. You had one person, how many police would you recommend they send if there were two suspects? Keep in mind you had one suspect, this person had NO RECORD, there was NO prior situation at the residence. How many people do you think it takes to arrest a single person.? If he let the object of his frustration walk out of the house without any resistance, there is no way he is going to go out after random people.
RonnieTheLimoDriver October 05, 2011 at 01:07 PM
People still commenting about how the police over reacted.. People posted what a great guy Steve is... Folks, get a grip. Im sure Hadesman is / was / can be a wonderful person. However, he discharged a firearm within his home, which is located in a highly populated area near schools. Do any of you have any clue how fair a bullet can travel? Depending on the caliber, a mile is possible. Perhaps this was an accidental discharge. Well then why did he not answer the door? You don't accidentally fire a gun and then go take a nap, no matter how sick you are physically. That would be a fairly unsetting experience and most people know the police would arrive. If he did it on person, well you don't shoot a gun in your home on purpose and not intend to hurt somebody. The police thought they had a hostage situation. They asked for mutual aid. They have no control how many officers respond from other departments. The police need to make sure that they get to go home to see their families. They knew he was armed. He had already fired one shot. Steven made a lot of mistakes that day. The cops did not.


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