Vehicular Burglaries, Locker Thefts, Busted Mailboxes

An iPhone stolen from a Glenbrook North locker was tracked to a nearby suburb, but was not recovered.

The following reports were provided by the Northbrook Police Department.

Vehicular Burglary

On Jan. 12 and 14, someone on the 3500 block of Woodhead Dr. broke into four trucks, according to police. The trucks' rear hasps were pried open and the locks were found frozen to the ground, police say.

In that same time period, someone on the 3100 block MacArthur Blvd. broke into a corporate van and took about $3800 worth of tools, police say. The van’s rear passenger side sliding door was pried open at the lock by some type of pry tool, according to police. 

Thefts at Glenbrook North

On Jan. 11, someone reported a $200, white iPhone was removed from an unlocked locker, police say. 

On Jan. 15, someone reported her daughter’s iPhone was stolen out of a school locker, according to police. The daughter said she had locked the locker but that sometimes the lock doesn’t work properly, police say. The phone's owner was able to track the cell phone to a location in another suburb until the phone was shut off, according to police.

Mailbox Damage

Between Jan. 17 and 18, two people on the 1800 block of Ellendale Dr. reported their mailboxes were struck by an unknown object, police say. 

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