Woman Pretended Mom Having Heart Attack to Avoid Ticket, Police Say

Police say the Northbrook woman told them her mother was having a medical emergency when she was pulled over for talking on her phone.

Courtesy of the Deerfield Police Department
Courtesy of the Deerfield Police Department

A Northbrook woman is facing charges after police say she lied about her mother having a heart attack in order to get out of a ticket for driving while using her phone.

A Deerfield officer pulled over Janet Chencinski, 67, around 4:30 p.m. March 19 because the officer saw her driving while holding and talking on her phone. When the officer asked Chencinski why she was on her phone, she said her elderly mother was suffering from heart pain and was very sick, according to a press release from the Deerfield Police Department.

When asked, Chencinski said it was a medical emergency and she had told her mother to call 911. The officer got her mother’s address in Skokie and dispatched an ambulance to her home, according to police. Chencinski asked to be released so she could drive to her mom’s house, as well.

First responders from the Skokie Fire Department talked to Chencinski’s mother, who said she was fine and hadn’t spoken to her daughter on the phone all day.

After the story was proven false, police said Chencinski agreed to turn herself in to police. She’s been charged with charged with the following: using an electronic device/wireless telephone while driving, obstructing a police officer and disorderly conduct (making a false report). She’s due in court May 6.

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Dave March 22, 2014 at 10:13 AM
Not too bright. The fines for the other offenses, plus attorney fees and court costs are a lot more than the fine for yapping on the cellphone while driving. Skokie should charge her for the cost of sending the fire department out on a false alarm.


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