Battinus to Run as Write-In Trustee Candidate

Buffalo Grove resident Jeff Battinus said he will run as a write-in candidate this spring to give voters a choice in the village's leaders.


A month after his candidacy was declared invalid, Buffalo Grove resident Jeff Battinus has found an alternative way to run for a trustee seat this spring.

Battinus announced Sunday that he will run as a write-in candidate on Buffalo Grove’s April 9 ballot.

“This is an important election and significant issues lie ahead, and the voters deserve to at least have a choice among candidates running for trustee,” Battinus said in a prepared statement.

His removal from the ballot last month left only the three incumbent trustees as candidates for the three four-year terms. They are Lester Ottenheimer III, Andrew Stein and Beverly Sussman.

Battinus’ removal from the original ballot came after Stein challenged his candidacy upon discovering that Battinus had not filed the statement of economic interests that all candidates are required to submit.

Battinus again had to file paperwork to run as a write-in.

“I have filed my letters of intent with both Lake and Cook county clerks. They have both sent formal confirmation that these letters have been received, and I am a confirmed write-in candidate for Buffalo Grove trustee,” Battinus said in Sunday’s announcement.

“With my candidacy, the voters of Buffalo Grove will be able to actually select from a pool of four candidates for three trustee positions who best reflect the community view of the future.” 

“Further, important issues face the village such as the proposed downtown development and elimination of key recreational land and new blood would be important in this discussion. The people of Buffalo Grove deserve a choice, and with me as a write-in candidate they now have options.”

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BG-Resident February 19, 2013 at 06:51 PM
It doesn't matter what Stein's motives were. Battinus knowingly or unknowingly failed to follow the rules re: his candidacy and therefore by state law was ineligible to be on the ballot. Had he been allowed on the ballot and won a seat it would have undoubtedly been challenged and overturned anyway. No need for that expense and drama. I'm sure he's a nice guy, I might even vote for him at some point, but in this case you don't get to pick and choose which rules can be ignored.
george center February 19, 2013 at 07:23 PM
One of the Trustee's on the Election Board said Battinus would have been on the ballot without a challenge.
BGR ... Agreed ... he messed up and the law is the law. Just odd about 'the timing' of the challenge. I'm just hoping the write in option actually brings out voters and they, if they choose, use it. As it was prior to that ... why vote? 3 open seats ... 3 candidates ... results guaranteed those 3 keep their seats.
george center February 22, 2013 at 01:49 PM
Is there going to be a debate with the 3 trustees and Battinus?
Eric Feinstein February 23, 2013 at 11:29 AM
There are too many laws designed to suppress voter turnout, anyone who uses these laws to win an election doesn't care about the voters, they just want to get re-elected. I'm glad he filed for a write-in, hopefully Stein loses.


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