Incumbents Sweep Northbrook Caucus Slate

The Northbrook Caucus of 2013 announced their slate during a town hall meeting on Saturday. Village elections are in April.

During a town hall meeting at the Greenbriar School on Saturday, the Northbrook Caucus of 2013 announced their nominations for April's Village elections. Of the 18 nominations, 16 were incumbents. 

For the Northbrook Village Board

  • Sandra Frum (Village President)
  • Debra Ford (Village Clerk)
  • Kathryn Ciesla 
  • Todd Heller
  • Michael Scolaro

For the Northbrook Library Board 

  • Carlos Frum
  • Vera Mayer
  • Daphna Neirick

For the Northbrook Park District Board

  • Penelope Randel 
  • Michael Schyman
  • Paul Zima

For Northbrook School District 27 

  • Helen Melnick
  • Jamie Werhane
  • Ed Feld
  • One board position remains open.

For Northbrook School District 28

  • Joshua Prober
  • Louis Gross (first-time candidate)
  • Michael Gilmore (first-time candidate)
  • Anthony Forchetti

Bob Lozaro Petitions for Caucus Slate

The public voted to approve the caucus nominations unanimously or near unanimously in all the categories but the park district — Robert Lozaro was interviewed for the caucus nomination, but did not make the slate. Instead, he was nominated by community members during the town hall.

"I can tell you unequivically that Bob can be counted on to execute the commitments he makes," said Rochelle Singer, who worked with Lozaro on the Northbrook Community Relations Commission

"The man has integrity and the honor to intitiate and coordinate all the projects that we work on," said James Hyun, also from the Community Relations Commission.

Audience members then asked Lozaro and the other board nominees, Michael Schyman and Paul Zima (Penelope Randel was not at the meeting), about their vision for the park board and specific projects such as the former Annetsberger factory land.

Lozaro promised to attend different commission meetings representing various demographics across Northbrook to increase his understanding of local issues. 

"It's a matter of getting the communciations out there," he said. "I want to know what's important to the community."

Zima mentioned the different commissions too, but talked about a park district that serves different people in town without offering redundant services that compete with other park district programming or a nearby organization's programming. 

"We've to to balance our programming across all age groups and not just focus on the kids and not just focus on the seniors," Zima said.

"What we do is very personal and important," he added. "We provide value to the taxes people already pay.

Schyman got a bit more specific and said he would help represent the young adult demographic in Northbrook. He is 34.

When asked by an audience member on their feelings over a new community center built at the former Annetsberger factory lot, Lozaro said he was against it while Zima and Schyman said they still need more information. 

"There's a difference between what the community wants and what the community needs," Lozaro said. 

When the caucus nomination was put to a vote, 131 were cast, and the original caucus slate was approved.

Village of Northbrook residents will have an opportunity to vote for board members in April. 

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