Northbrook Caucus Begins Slating 2013 Candidates

20 incumbent terms throughout the Village of Northbrook expire in April 2013.

The following release was provided by the Northbrook Caucus.

The Northbrook Caucus of 2013 is a citizen's screening committee that is being assembled and organized to identify, interview, and recommend candidates for positions on the Northbrook Village Board, the Northbrook Park District Board, the Northbrook Library Board, Northbrook School District 27 Board, and Northbrook School District 28 Board.

The Caucus is accepting volunteers to participate on the Caucus and its applicant screening committees. The screening committees will identify and interview candidates in advance of the Caucus Meeting, which will be held at the Greenbriar School Auditorium on October 13, 2012 at 2 p.m.

The screening committees willrecommend nominees for various elective offices at the Caucus meeting. The Caucuswill officially select its slate of candidates at a Town Meeting to be held November17, 2012 at 2 p.m., also at the Greenbriar School Auditorium. Caucus members must be registered voters and reside within the Village boundaries or the boundaries of the municipal or school districts mentioned above.

Through September 28, 2012, the Caucus will accept applications from candidates who wish to participate in the Caucus interview process. The Caucus intends to support a slate of candidates for the April 2013 elections, covering the following positions:

Village President, Village Clerk, Village Board (three positions), Park District Board (three positions), Library Board (three positions), District 27 Board (four positions), and District 28 Board (four positions). Interested candidates – whether incumbents or not – who seek the support of and slating by the Northbrook Caucus of 2013 may contact Chairman Tony Ryan or Secretary Paul Veith with any questions about the Caucus or its process. Candidate applications are available on the Caucus website.

Incumbents whose terms in office will expire in April 2013 are:

  • Village Board: Sandra Frum (Village President), Debra Ford (Village Clerk), Kathryn Ciesla, Todd Heller, and Michael Scolaro.
  • Library Board: Sue Conat, Carlos Frum, and Vera Mayer.
  • Park District Board: Penelope Randel, Michael Schyman, and Paul Zima.
  • District 27 Board: Ed Feld, Helen Melnick, David Nadig, Kevin Ponticelli, and Jamie Werhane.
  • District 28 Board: Elisa Glass (President), Madeleine Fern, Anthony Forchetti, and Josh Prober.

For more information about the Northbrook Caucus of 2013 or to volunteer to serveon the Caucus, please visit www.northbrookcaucusof2013.org.


  • Tony Ryan, Chair Tryan12307@aol.com 847-903-9706
  • Paul Veith, Secretary paulveith@yahoo.com 312-853-4718


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