Northbrook Considering $6.7M Water System Fix

The project would solve problems created by a second water tower on the west side of the village.

Northbrook trustees are discussing a $6.7 million project to fix the unintended problems created by the village’s water tower on the west side of town, but are hoping to not have to raise water rates, according to an article in TribLocal.

The village spent $2.5 million on a second tower in 2011 in hopes that it would improve water pressure on the west side of town, the article says. But it overcompensated and caused a large number of water main breaks, leading the village to not use it at full capacity.

Trustees are now considering a plan that would divide the village into two zones and use new valves, pumps and a two-mile section of new water main to remedy the situation.

Patch reader Jim Kelly wrote about his displeasure with the situation on Northbrook Patch last week before the board meeting.

“In the 35 years that I have lived in Northbrook, there has never been a bigger mistake made by elected public officials than the current situation with the water system,” he wrote.

You can read his whole opinion piece here.

You can read the full TribLocal story here.

What do you think the village should do to remedy the water system problems?

Jim Kelly July 16, 2014 at 12:26 PM
So now our leaders are disavowing the decision they made to build the new water tower by saying they didn't know. IT IS THEIR JOB TO KNOW! When the election comes around, remember that these people are spending $6.7 million to correct their original $2.5 million problem!
Michael Liberman July 16, 2014 at 12:57 PM
And this is the same group that will waste our money and doesn't have the answers to the questions people have on Five Seasons. Yes, I know it's the park district, part of the same government.


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