Northbrook Park District Election 2013 Results

Independent Robert Lozaro is running against the Caucus-backed Paul Zima, Michael Schyman and Penny Randel.


     Candidate   Percentage     Total Voting     Precincts Reporting  

Robert Lozaro

      20.87        1,579              31/31 Paul Zima       24.82        1,878              31/31 Michael Schyman       25.61        1,938              31/31 Penny Randel       28.7        2,172              31/31

Robert Lozaro, a 30-year Northbrook resident, is running for a position on the Park District Board as an independent candidate. Paul Zima, Michael Schyman and Penny Randel are incumbent commissioners, backed by the Northbrook Caucus in the race. Four people are running, three will be elected.

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Results do not include early voting, vote by mail or provisional ballots. Any votes for write-in candidates will be counted within a week after the election.


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