Overflow Crowd Protests Proposed Mission Hills Development

The meeting was pushed back two weeks to accommodate the large audience.

Mission Hills
Mission Hills

Northbrook’s Village Hall boardroom couldn’t hold all the Mission Hills homeowners upset about a proposed 137-unit development Wednesday, according to an article in the Northbrook Star.

The Mission Hills residents are upset that their golf course views and open land could be eaten up by the proposed 44-acre development, the article says. At the heart of the issue is whether the existing 781-units are part of a planned unit development, which requires the homeowners’ permission to change.

The Cook County Zoning Board of Appeals postponed the meeting until July 21 at 1 p.m., moving it to the arts auditorium at Glenbrook North in order to accommodate the crowd.

You can read the full Northbrook Star article here.

Northbrook Patch reader and Mission Hills resident Marsha Willner sent in this letter to the editor after Wednesday’s hearing:

There are hundreds of us who live in Mission Hills and on Techny Rd. who feel the possible re-zoning and development of 9 holes of the golf course with over 130 homes, town homes and duplexes is a travesty for the area. It will mean almost 200 trees cut down, covering the area with concrete and asphalt, and more traffic on Techny, more children in the neighborhood schools and more flooding!!! This open lands area should not be built upon by Red Seal Homes. This will be a horror for those losing golf course views and all the acreage destroyed by overbuilding. Today at the Northbrook Village Hall hundreds of people showed up in protest of the possible rezoning. This area needs to be saved as OPEN LAND!!!!!!    

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Arthur Wulf July 13, 2014 at 05:01 PM
As I understand it, the golf course is separate from M/Hills. That is why the residents don't make any contribution to the maintenance of the golf course. Subject to a court lawsuit, I doubt that Red Seal, who is pretty smart, would have started this quest, if they did not think they had pretty good grounds to be successful. Red Seal is not stupid. As an aside, when the school district wanted to raise money, the Seniors, who are basically selfish, self centered people who don't have much of a community feeling, M/H came out strongly in opposition to the betterment of the schools. So don't be surprised if many Northbrook residents are not sympathetic to their plight. When you don't care about your neighbors, don't expect your neighbors to be there when you want their help. Art Wulf (Senior and long time resident, just down the street from Mission Hills).
IgnorantA July 14, 2014 at 11:24 AM
Well stated Arthur! The residents in opposition ( whose combined age is well over a million) talk a good talk, pretending to care about "trees" and etc... but lets be honest here, they are only bitching because something impacts THEM. if this same development was occurring on the complete other side of town, not ONE PERSON would give a damn.... so why should I....
Xandra July 15, 2014 at 06:25 PM
I don't have an opinion on the matter, but am I understanding correctly that the new development will be built on the golf course? And the golf course is operated separately from Mission Hills? If that's the case, can't the golf course redevelop however it pleases? That "more children in neighborhood schools" comment seems a bit odd.


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