Patch Poll Results: Readers Favor Armed Guards

Most respondents think C.D. Peacock’s right to have security guards carry firearms.

An overwhelming majority of readers who responded to believe those uniformed personnel should be allowed to do so. 

Of the 119 people who responded, 90 think security guards in stores at Northbrook Court should be allowed to carry guns while 29 are opposed. Nearly everyone who commented favored the use of firearms. 

“Does anyone get upset about police officers carrying guns,” reader Bob Levi asked? “I would assume that hired qualified security people who knew how to handle guns. Looks like the added security worked, because Peacock's wasn't robbed.” 

Others would like to see less gun control in Illinois. “Illinois citizens should be allowed to carry firearms too,” reader Donnie wrote. 

There was also a debate among readers. Forest Barbieri was disturbed and would “focus on such a trivial matter,” but he supported the right of C.D. Peacock’s to make its own business decisions. 

“Would you rather have the weapon hidden,” Barbieri wrote? “Rock on Peacock! Maybe we should have the armed guards at our local banks and anywhere that sells the new Jordan shoe.” 

Another reader, writing under the name Everyoneisrunningamerica, had a suggestion for Barbieri’s unhappiness with Garrett and May. 

“You know, if you are that upset about your representatives, you can always write them, and complain to them instead of doing it here, which does nothing,” Everyoneisrunningamerica wrote. 

Another reader writing under the name Deadcatbounce thought Peacock’s made the right choice. “Let's see, jewelry store right next to the entrance of the mall and mall close to the expressway for a quick getaway. I would say smart decision by store to have an armed guard,” Deadcatbounce wrote.

The best part of this story is that Forest Barbieri was mentioned in it. Honestly, what is this guy going to do if someone robs the store? Hopefully he complies with their demands and doesn't start a fire fight in a crowded mall. What are we talking about anyway? Retail theft? Gun control? Or a story that's one year old that can raise controversy? Hey Patch, is their any good news to report, or are we all just doomed here in Chicago? Happy Holidays!
Joe Nelson December 19, 2012 at 12:35 AM
I think the mall cops should be armed and there should be a police officer, or maybe just an armed security guard at all schools. Also I think at schools staff members should be able to have a gun if it his extremely hard for students to access, the students don't know, and the staff member goes through an extensive background check. Also, I think it would be a good idea for our schools in the near future to have more lock down drills, not just a drill but a police officer not in uniform walks in through the front and tries to get through and goes through the school to test the measures in place. Obviously, that idea is faulty but it's a good start.
Margi December 19, 2012 at 06:53 PM
There's a real disconnect here. If you really want to feel safe you keep things as normal as possible. Guns are not normal, they will never be normal. Going to the mall is not like playing a video game. Living in a war zone isn't my idea of living!
Dan Cox January 25, 2013 at 11:29 AM
My 8 year old Son, would blast him in the face, with a fire extinguisher!
Dan Cox January 25, 2013 at 11:38 AM
Normal , what is "normal"? A setting on a hair dryer, a place in Illinois or an illusion that everything is okay? Are people normal, is crime normal, was Sandy Hook...normal? When are we going to understand, that this is not the new normal, it is how things really are? We live in a society, with over 20% of the populace on some Prescription Medication for depression or other mental issues. We have over 100,000 Gang Members in Chicago Illinois and Ex-Convicts, living next door. Hello..... we do not live in Utopia!


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