Plan Commission Divided on Techny Car Wash

Some neighbors object to the proposal due to concerns about traffic, noise and environmental issues.

The following is from the Village of Northbrook, regarding a proposed car wash at 2370 Waukegan Road:

Waterway Gas Station & Car Wash – The Plan Commission held its second public hearing regarding a revised request for approval of special permits to allow a gas station/carwash on the subject property.

A number of individuals from the audience spoke regarding the proposal voicing concerns regarding traffic, noise, lighting, and other potential environmental issues.
Commissioners were divided regarding the appropriateness of the use on the Subject Property. Though divided, the Commission ultimately directed staff to prepare a resolution recommending approval of the revised proposal subject to the hours of the proposed car wash being limited to 8am and 8pm, and the provision of additional landscaping around the proposed loading area.

The Commission is scheduled to vote on the resolution at its July 15 meeting.

You can read more about the proposal in a previous article here.

TR July 07, 2014 at 04:45 PM
The planning commission needs to develop a backbone. I appreciate that they are concerned with the neighbors, but those people bought a house next to a vacant property that is zoned commercial. What did they think was going to go there? I think a car wash is a lot better use than most. Be thankful that a department store or grocery store is not going there and that they won't have semi-trailers pulling in at all hours. Some of the commissioners in Northbrook do nothing but vote "NO" to every proposal unless there is 100% consensus. Its annoying and irresponsible to the rest of the community. My only question to the residents next door, "Did you think that the church was going to expand their convent across the street"? Let's get real. Planning Commission Board - it is time to step up and be smart.
lilacorn1956 July 10, 2014 at 09:49 AM
I agree with TR. These people bought property on Waukegan Rd. What were they thinking? This has been zoned commerical for a very long time. If they wanted a quiet place to live, it was not there. PC should vote for the car wash.


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