Spirited Primary Elections Taking Shape

Seventeen of 23 election contests will have primaries.

Campaigns for the and Nov. 6 general elections started to come into clear view today after the deadline passed Monday to land a space in the ballot for all races . 

Of the 23 campaigns in the North Suburban Patch reading area, candidates will square off in primaries in 17 of those races for either the Democratic or Republican nomination. In three cases, primaries will take place between members of both parties. 

In the contests for six offices, either the Republican or Democrat has no opponent however party leaders can still choose a nominee. 

“We have a lot of outstanding candidates,” 10th Congressional District Committeewoman and Moraine Township Democratic Chair of Highland Park said of her party’s field. “I have a lot of respect for the democratic process and the hard work it takes to get on the ballot.” 

Moraine Township Republican Chairman is enthusiastic about the Republicans running for office. In the past he conceded it was not easy to recruit candidates but there is abundance this time. 

“I think it shows a lot of interest in public service,” Atsaves said. “In the past we have had to struggle to find candidates and this time we didn’t have to struggle at all.” 

Candidates for the United States House of Representatives in the 9th and 10th Congressional Districts will have to wait until Dec. 23 to file their petitions with the Illinois State Board of Elections because of a court order arising out of a challenge to the new map. 

Retirements Cause Some Primaries 

Some of the primary contests are the result of the retirements of , , , state Sen. Suzi Schmidt (R-Lake Villa) as well as Lake County State’s Attorney Mike Waller and lake County Court Clerk Sally Coffelt, both Republicans.

The race to succeed Waller has produced the largest primary field of all with three Republicans and three Democrats fighting for their party’s nod. Gurnee attorney of Lake Barrington are the Republican hopefuls.

On the Democratic side, Libertyville resident and Lake Forest attorney . All are lawyers.

In the race to succeed Garrett, is the lone Republican waiting to take on the winner of the Democratic primary between and Lake Bluff business consultant Milton Sumption.

There will be no primary in the fight for Schoenberg’s seat. , who will receive Schoenberg’s endorsement Wednesday, will face Republican Marc Levine of Evanston.

There will be a primary contest among Democrats for the right to succeed Biss between Northfield Township Clerk Laura Fine of Glenview and Jeff Smith of Evanston. Kyle Frank of Skokie is the Republican candidate.

While Highwood attorney is unopposed for the Democratic nomination to succeed May, Republicans , both of Lake Forest, are vying for the Republican nomination.

A four-way race is shaping up in the contest for the Republican nomination for Schmidt’s seat between Lawrence Leafblad of Grayslake, Linwood Jarratt of Round Lake Beach, Michael White of Lindenhurst and Joe Neal of Wadsworth. Lake County Board Member Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake) is unopposed for her party’s nomination.

Two Republicans, Don Castella of Lincolnshire and Gregory Jacobs of Mundelein, will face off March 20 for the opportunity to challenge state Sen. Terry Link (D-Waukegan).

Two Republicans, Keith Brin of Highland Park and Gerald Dietz of Round Lake, will compete for the right to face Democrat Cynthia Haran of Round Lake to become Lake Court Clerk when Coffelt retires.

Some Incumbents Face Primary Challenges

Primary battles are also shaping up on both sides in the campaign for Lake County Coroner. Thomas Rudd of Lake Forest is challenging incumbent Artis Yancey for the Democratic nomination while Steve Newton of Antioch and Howard Cooper of Gurnee seek the Republican nod.

In the race for Lake County Recorder Marty Blumenthal of Highland Park and Bob Bednor of Mundelein will compete for the Republican nomination to take on incumbent Democrat Mary Ellen Vanderventer of Waukegan.

As a result of redistricting in May, two members of the Illinois General Assembly will campaign against each other in the 59th district. are the contestants there.

In other contest for the Illinois General Assembly where there is no primary, is running against Jonathan Greenberg of Northbrook for the 57th District seat.

State Rep. Sandy Cole (R-Grayslake) will compete against Democrat Sam Yingling in the 62nd District.

In elections for the Lake County Board, a number of primary fights are taking place. County Board Member Pat Carey (D-Grayslake) will compete for her party’s nomination with Eric Lake of Grayslake with the winner facing Republican Jeff Werfel of Grayslake in the 6th District.

In the 12th District, the primary may be the general election as there is no Democrat currently running. The Republican primary pits former Lake Forest Mayor Mike Rummel against Scott Helton of Lake Forest.

A major battle is shaping up on both sides in the 13th District which stretches from Lake Bluff through Grayslake.

On the Republican side, Lake Bluff Village Board members Rick Lesser and Dave Barkhausen will join Jay Krasne of Gurnee in the fight for the nomination. On the Democratic ticket, Sandra Hart of Lake Bluff, Robert Glueckert of Grayslake and Anthony Solar of Waukegan are facing off.

In the 15th District, Carol Calabresa and Dan Donohue, both of Libertyville, will battle in the Republican primary for the opportunity to challenge Democrat Del Parra of Libertyville for the seat.

In the 21st District, Democrat Arlene Hickory of Lake Bluff will await the outcome of the Republican primary between Ann Maine of Lincolnshire, Robert Haraden of Libertyville and Douglas Bennett of Deerfield to learn her general election opponent.

Unopposed for reelection so far are state Rep. Robyn Gable (D-Evanston), state Rep. Ed Sullivan (R-Mundelein), Lake County Board President David Stolman (R-Buffalo Grove), North Shore Sanitary District Trustee Thomas Sworthout (R-Lake Forest) and North Shore Sanitary District President Daniel Pierce (D-Highland Park).

Highland Park City Councilman Steve Mandel is the Democratic Candidate for the District 11 Lake County Board seat and is also unopposed.

Clark Kent December 12, 2011 at 02:18 PM
Why bother to spend the precious tax dollars on primaries and general elections to elect Democrats to the state legislature when they only vote the way Madigan orders them? Comparable to finding an "independent" alderman under any Daley in that quagmire called Chicago.
fishman December 13, 2011 at 12:47 PM
I am looking forward to the 2013 municipal elections in Evanston. This will be the first election in Evanston's history that won't be controlled by the local media who gives cover to the Democratic Machine. There is only period every 5 years when citizens pay attention to Evanston politics and with Social networking (and Patch), citizens will finally learn the truth as to how corrupt machine politics has put Evanston on the brink of financial ruin. Evanston will still elect Democrats because of the brain-washing that conservatives are evil, but at least they will understand why their homes are worth 1/3rd their prior value and why businesses continue to leave Evanston. Progressive Liberalism is fine and dandy until you run out of other peoples money
Clark Kent December 13, 2011 at 02:34 PM
LOL! How right you are! Remember way back when the lateTom Fuller was emerging as the Democrat "leader?" The press gushed more than some pre-pubescent girl over Justin Bieber. He was so dedicated to Evanston that he moved to the sleazy Chicago West Side 27th Ward to assume more "power" for himself. Some local "journalists" have the nonsensical idea that because they write their often inaccurate "news" articles that they have the politicians in their pocket. I have spent enough years in politics to know with absolute certainty that most politicians laugh at these self-identified "crusading reporters" and their silly articles; they are held in extreme contempt by the politicians who use them to promote their campaigns....something evident to me in the PATCHy world of North Shore politics. But of course the "Jan MAchine" will still be pumping!
fishman December 13, 2011 at 07:51 PM
Correcting myself - home values in Evanston have mostly decreased by 1/3rd by Cook County Property taxation standards. And I didn't mean to infer that the Patch will engage in actual journalism - investigate and report. I was alluding to the comments we make without censorship (I have been permenantly censored from Evanston Now because I was able to prove that the local media was covering up major crimes in Evanston to give cover to the government). We're living in a new abnormal.


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