Techny and Pfingsten Intersection Gets Makeover

Traffic signals were installed at the intersection, in one of the final steps of updating the roads.

The following update was published on the Techny Road Improvements blog by the Village of Northbrook and Cook County Highway Department.

The permanent traffic signals have been installed at the intersection of Techny Road and Pfingsten Road.  Currently, the contractor is waiting for ComEd to provide electical power to the traffic signals.

Once electrical power is provided, a final inspection on the traffic signals can be scheduled and then performed. The final step will be to activate the permanent traffic signals and remove the temporary traffic signals.

Have the most recent upgrades to Techny Road affected your commute?

Missy Wilson Taki April 11, 2013 at 04:39 AM
Hopefully, the left-turn arrows will only be activated when there are cars waiting to turn left. One can only hope.


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