Third Democrat Enters Congressional Race

Vivek Bavda joins Schneider, Sheyman in effort to oust Dold.

The field of candidates seeking the Democratic nomination to oppose for the revamped 10th Congressional District seat in the Nov. 2012 general election grew by one when Vivek Bavda, 34, of Mundelein joined the race.

Bavda, a Chicago attorney, filed his intention to make the race with the Federal Election Commission Sept. 3, but his appearance surprised a crowd of more than 250 who gathered Sunday at the to honor retiring state .

Garrett was lauded by people like , Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), and as she received the Ab Mikva Political Courage Award from the Tenth Congressional District Democrats. 

Editor's note: Check Patch as the week progresses for reports on details about Garrett’s award as well as the remarks made by Durbin, Klobuchar and Schakowsky. 

Three candidates in the running

Bavda joins Waukegan community organizer and Deerfield management consultant  as candidates for Congress in the March 20 primary. All three spoke to at Sunday's event. 

Sheyman and Bavda are both the children of immigrants who came to the United States in pursuit of the American dream. 

“My parents came in the 1970’s from India to seek a better life,” Bavda said. “They came to a place where people are only limited by their hard work and ability. What makes this country great is America always moving forward leading the way.” 

While Sheyman’s parents arrived from the former Soviet Union 20 years ago and achieved success in their adopted land, he fears those opportunities are vanishing for middle class Americans today. 

“At this defining moment, the American dream is slipping away,” Sheyman said Sunday. He talked about people he meets who keep asking why Congress has not passed a jobs bill. “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired,” he added about the Tea Party rhetoric he claims is eating away at middle class opportunity. 

Schneider leaped into an attack on Dold and the policies being advanced by the House Republican caucus. 

“They are making giant leaps backward 75 years to unwind Democratic success in social security, Medicare and women’s rights,” Schneider said. “I have the story, you have the vision. I get it, Bob Dold does not.” 

Creating jobs

Sheyman and Schneider talked about the need to stimulate the economy and create jobs. Schneider supported President Obama’s American Jobs Act and strengthening education to help people acquire the skills necessary to land work today. 

“We must pass the President’s jobs bill and we must do it now,” Schneider said. “I will push for an education system that will bring us back to a world class system that will make us competitive."

Sheyman wants to see jobs related to energy and the environment as well as other areas. He urged the people in the room to embrace progressive values and work for them. 

“We need new clean energy jobs that cannot be shipped overseas,” Sheyman said. “When Democrats stand with backbone, Democrats win.” 

Bavda, like Schneider, was also concerned with attempts to reduce Social Security benefits. “We must make sure our commitments are kept to our seniors by eliminating tax breaks and cutting spending.”

Clark Kent September 19, 2011 at 03:30 PM
Political courage???? What the.....? Was it "political courage" when she boasted in her newsletter how utility providers "... visited my office and made the case that the outages were largely caused by unprecedented 80-mph winds causing power lines and poles to go down." God! What courage to meet with such dangerous people under such gut-wrenching circumstances!!! It was such "political courage" for her to so proudly command that "ComEd should quickly make the necessary investments to ensure that this never happens again." What brilliance! What courage to stand up for Humanity! She and the other "leaders" on John Cullerton's leash have all kinds of abilities to bark and snap on command at the enemies of the State! What courage! What stamina! What baloney! What's next? A fire prevention award to a pyromaniac? I bet some Democrat will come up with "The Jan Schakowsky-Bob Creamer Tax Preparers Award." Too bad Sen. Garrett didn't fill out a simple survey to commit IN WRITING what her "courage" was http://www.votesmart.org/npat.php?can_id=18264 What a charmed life these politicians lead...always having "recognition dinners" and circulating "awards" among themselves. Such courage! What arrogant silliness infects these self-praising Democrats. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_rWVZi1p6s&list=PLF1E3F02E17576296&index=44


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