Village Sees Sustained Growth in Local Economy

Also featured: The Northbrook police canine unit helps locate a missing boy.

The following items were part of a Village of Northbrook weekly memo.

Administration and Finance Committee Meeting 

The Administration and Finance Committee met for the quarterly budget meeting. Staff reported on last quarter’s financial results as well as projections for the remainder of the fiscal year. This included a projection that the original forecast of a $32,605 surplus is now projected to be $465,777 by the end of the fiscal year. Staff also reported that estimated annual revenues are projected to be over budget by $174,000, offering continued evidence of a slow but sustained recovery in the local economy.

Anticipated expenses are projected to be under budget by $258,830, mostly due to staff position vacancies. The economic conditions of Northbrook were also discussed. The total vacancy rate for Northbrook’s retail shopping centers continued to be in the 8 percent to - 8.5 percent range, after reaching a peak of nearly 15 percent in 2010. Local sales tax has exceeded budget in 17 of the past 18 months, and September receipts (for sales made in June) marked the first month that has exceeded our peak collections of FY 2008/09. The next quarterly budget review will be held in late November.

Police Activity

On Sunday, Sept. 23, Officer Salmi and Canine Jack were assigned to assist the Cook County Sheriff’s Police in a missing, ill and suicidal male juvenile in Des Plaines. Officer Salmi directed Jack to the point of the juvenile’s departure from his apartment and Jack successfully located the juvenile hiding in the area. The juvenile was taken into custody by Cook County Officers.

Construction Worker Injured in a Fall

On Wednesday, Sept. 26, a construction worker injured his back after falling 12 feet working at a house under construction. The 47 year old worker was helping build a house on Heritage Oaks Dr. near the intersection of Walters and Lee Roads when he fell into the basement of the house. The house, in the initial stages of construction, did not have its basement stairs built yet so the man was hoisted with rope up a ladder to the paramedics. The Northbrook paramedics treated him for a possible spinal injury and transported him to Lutheran General Hospital.

Northbrook Sonar Technicians Assist with Missing Northwestern Student

At approximately 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 26, the Wilmette Fire Department requested the Division III Sonar unit and technicians to assist with a search in the Wilmette harbor. The Division III Sonar unit is currently stored on Northbrook’s Dive Team Vehicle, and the Northbrook team responded with two technicians to the Wilmette harbor. The sonar unit allows members to search underwater using sonar technology. Due to the conditions in the harbor, the search by sonar and with divers proved to be very difficult. Northbrook Stations were covered by call back personnel during the incident. The missing student was found Thursday evening in the water, near the Sheridan Road Bridge in Wilmette Harbor.

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