District 70 Schools Rank in Top 10 for Lake County School Attendance Week

Adler Park School ranked at first place for schools smaller than 450. Congrats, District 70!

All five Libertyville Elementary District 70 schools ranked in the top 10 for the 24th Annual Lake County Elementary School Fall Attendance Week.

Ranking in the top 10 slots for schools smaller than 450 was first place Adler Park with 99 percent attendance, third place Rockland with 98.4 percent attendance, and tied for fourth place was Copeland Manor with 98.32 percent attendance. For Medium sized elementary schools, Butterfield School ranked ninth in the top 10 with 97.33 percent attendance.

Highland Middle School was named to first place in the top 10 for large elementary schools with 98.32 percent attending. It is the second year in a row that Highland has been in first place.

All Lake County elementary schools are eligible to be recognized by the Regional School Superintendent for attendance week, which ran from Oct. 15-19, 2012. The Top Ten Award Ceremony was held on Jan. 11 to honor the schools. The Libertyville schools had students from each school receive certificates of achievement at a celebratory luncheon.

—District 70 provided this information.

Jose January 17, 2013 at 09:18 PM
My advise to all the schools ??? please get armed security. Don't count on gun control for security. More gun controls won't keep your schools safe..also bullet proof first floor windows and doors.. Sandy Hook shooter broke a window to get inside the school... Schools have way too many windows , too easy for anyone to get inside. What about preventing a car--truck from driving inside a school ? The cheapest way is to put rock boulders around the schools..Marines learn the hard way in Lebanon Beirut about cars driving inside a building with explosives. All the buildings in war zones are protect by cement blocks..All schools can be protected 99 % if my ideals are follow.. Former Marine who know a few things about security.
Brian L. January 17, 2013 at 10:04 PM
??? Wrong article Jose. This one is just about students walking through the doors.


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