Glenbrook Cafeteria Beverages Getting Healthier

The district plans to promote healthier drinks and reduce the amount of sugary choices.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo

High school students and Glenbrook North and South will have a healthier selection of drinks to choose from next year and will be guided away from soda and other less healthy options, according to an article in TribLocal.

District 225 plans to reduce the number of unhealthy drinks and cap the serving size for them at 12 ounces, the article says, while increasing the number of healthy choices, like water, milk and low-sugar juices.

The board is also looking at ways to encourage healthy choices, perhaps by color-coding drinks either green for healthy or red for less so, or by posting charts that show each drink’s sugar content.

You can read the full TribLocal story here.

Do you like this idea? Should students have fewer unhealthy options in the cafeteria?


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