Glenbrook High Schools Support Sandy Hook Communities

Students at both District 225 high school signed cards to express their sympathy for the victims of the shooting in Newtown Connecticut last month.

Students from Glenbrook North and South high schools filled out cards with messages of sympathy and support for the students and faculty of Sandy Hook Elementary School, were a deadly shooting took place on Dec. 14.

“Our students found this an opportunity to express their sympathy and support to the community of Newtown, Connecticut," GBN's assistant principal Mike Tarjan said. "As students shared in their letters, we became stronger over the summer from our own heartbreaks. Our hope is that Newtown can do the same,” Tarjan said.

On Dec. 20 and 21, students at both high schools left thoughts, prayers and encouraging words on poster boards at the schools. 

GBS senior Grace Abiera was one of the students involved in organizing the card drive. While filling out her own message she wrote, “Our entire community is here for support during this difficult time.”

“Our entire nation understands the severity of an incident like this," Abiera said. "We needed a way to not only bless Sandy Hook, but unify our school as well as remind us how blessed we are."

To further show GBS's support, assistant principal, Jim Shellard, rented an eagle costume, Sandy Hook’s official mascot, and walked alongside Tommy the Titan and encourage students to sign the cards.

“This card drive provided an opportunity for our students to express the emotion they are feeling about this tragic situation,” Shellard said.


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