Harper Promotes "It Can Wait" Campaign

Harper College and AT&T recently teamed up to promote the "It Can Wait" campaign; an app is available to help people keep the pledge to avoid texting while driving.

Harper College and AT&T recently teamed up to encourage everyone to refrain from sending text messages while driving. 

"Sending a text, tweet or email from behind the wheel can be deadly, with studies showing someone is killed or injured every five minutes in the United States in a crash that happened while a driver was texting," a press release from AT&T stated.

The “It Can Wait” campaign came to Harper’s main campus earlier this month, where community members, students and faculty were given the chance to make an official pledge to avoid texting and driving. 

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon and Harper President Dr. Kenneth Ender also were in attendance to reinforce the meaning behind the campaign. 

To help people uphold the pledge, a downloadable app can be found on the It Can Wait website. The app allows a driver to send automatic responses to family and friends when they are texted to let them know the driver is unable to respond, because they are behind the wheel.

A video on texting-and-driving dangers and testimonials from celebrities and others who have signed on to the campaign also are available on the website.

“It’s so important to raise more awareness of the potential, life-threatening ramifications of texting and driving,” says Ernie Kimlin, student activities director, who said he was surprised to learn that more than 40 percent of teens admit to texting and driving even though nearly all of them acknowledges it’s dangerous.

“We’re getting involved because almost every student at Harper College has a cell phone, and as educators, it’s our responsibility to make sure students understand the dangers and – as much as we can – help keep our students safe,” Kimlin said. 

The AT&T “It Can Wait” public awareness campaign launched this summer, and the communications company strongly promotes taking the online pledge to not text and drive. 

Information provided by AT&T. 


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